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It’s been a continued and ambagious alley for Tumblr, the blogging armpit that launched a thousand autograph careers. It awash to Yahoo for $1.1 billion in 2013, afresh addle as Yahoo awash itself to AOL, AOL awash itself to Verizon, and Verizon accomplished it was a buzz aggregation afterwards all. Through all that, the site’s angry association afraid on: it’s still Taylor Swift’s go-to amusing media platform, and fandoms of all kinds accept homes there.

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Verizon awash Tumblr for a appear $3 actor this week, a far cry from the billion-dollar appraisal it already had. But to Verizon’s credit, it chose to advertise Tumblr to Automattic, the aggregation abaft WordPress, the publishing belvedere that runs some 34 percent of the world’s websites. Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg thinks the approaching of Tumblr is bright. He wants the belvedere to accompany aback the best of old-school blogging, reinvented for adaptable and affiliated to Tumblr’s still-vibrant community, and he’s appliance all 200 Tumblr advisers to body that future. It’s the best agitative eyes for Tumblr in years.

Matt abutting Verge anchorman Julia Alexander and me on a appropriate Vergecast account adventure to babble about the deal, how it came together, what Automattic’s affairs for Tumblr attending like, and whether Tumblr ability become an open-source project, like WordPress itself. (“That would be ambrosial cool,” said Matt.)

Oh, and that porn ban.

This account has been abridged and edited for clarity.

Nilay Patel: How did this accord happen? Did Verizon alarm you? Did they accelerate you a 5G Samsung buzz with a agenda on the screen?

Matt Mullenweg: That would’ve been awesome. I’ve continued been a fan of Tumblr. I’ve been appliance it ambrosial abundant aback it started. There accept been some appearance on WordPress absolutely aggressive by Tumblr over the years, and I was abject aback it awash to Yahoo, which was 2013 now.

For $1.1 billion.

$1.1 billion. And I was actual blessed for the team. And I was a little adequate as a adversary because Tumblr was so cool, and at the time, Yahoo was not cool. But about this deal, you know, I accept Verizon accomplished out to a cardinal of association and additionally had a ton of association admission because the account of Tumblr actuality for auction did aperture to The Wall Street Journal a few months ago.

So I apperceive that there was a lot of incoming, a lot of acceptable bidders. I’m absolutely animated that they chose Automattic to be the home for it because I do accept that we’re the best abode that Tumblr could be in agreement of what we do, what we’re amorous about, what the teams already do. There’s a lot of overlap amid WordPress.com and Tumblr. I’m absolutely animated that this is how it concluded up. It was a difficult process.

I appetite to allocution about the approaching of Tumblr, but the acquirement bulk was reportedly $3 million. Can you affirm that?

I like how y’all aloof ask the aforementioned questions.

It’s the question, so a) I anticipate I’m obligated, and b) it’s a ambrosial abrupt bead in value. So I’m analytical if you can altercate that.

Sure. We’re deferring to Verizon on all the capacity there. It’s absolutely up to them what to acknowledge or not.

I can allocution added generally. I aloof did a blog column about this. Verizon is a aggregation that does over $120 billion in revenue. They got Tumblr through Yahoo, which afresh alloyed with AOL, became Oath, got bought, became Verizon Media. It’s article they affiliated a few levels down.

Their top antecedence was not aggravating to aerate the acquirement price. There ability alike be a accumulated acumen for the acquirement bulk to be lower, for taxes or something. They were absolutely attractive for area the best home was activity to be. That was absolutely area we approved to optimize the deal, abnormally in agreement of bringing over abutting to 200 people. We’re demography them all on. I am acquainted of some of the capacity of some of the bidders. You apperceive they were not planning to accumulate much, if any, of the aggregation going.

We did added of a Berkshire Hathaway approach: we absolutely appetite to accompany over the administration team, booty what was alive well, which is Tumblr’s engagement, and abound from there.

Most bodies alert to a appearance like this are not in your shoes actual often, area you go out and buy a allegorical internet property. Call what it was like activity through that process.

Actually, bodies accelerate us actuality all the time, so we attending at at atomic a few acquisitions a week. Best are not a acceptable fit.

There was a accouter they had. We went over and met the administration aggregation and a few association who assignment on the Verizon Media and Verizon ancillary of things. I had some contacts at Verizon that I pinged separately. Afresh there was a activity action to try to accretion out as abundant advice as you can about the business. You allocution about accessible outcomes. You aloof affectionate of bulk out what works best for both sides. We consistently access deals from affectionate of a win-win. What I like to do is accept what motivates the added side, and what’s best important to them, and afresh try to accretion the intersection, the Venn diagram overlap of what you’re able to do and what’s important to you.

So were you best affianced with Verizon or with Tumblr folks?

That’s absolutely a acceptable question. Both. We both interacted with the Tumblr folks, and it is affectionate of Verizon alive the process. They accept some acutely accomplished accumulated development and attorneys and everything.

Verizon? Lawyers? I don’t accept it.

I’ll say their attorneys are air-conditioned good. Some of the agreements that came over were like whoa!

The aggregation at Automattic is actual tiny but powerful, and we formed really, absolutely adamantine to accomplish this happen. There was an absolute aeon and afresh the deadline, and we got aggregate alive up on Sunday.

So the deal’s closed? Tumblr is an Automattic acreage now?

We are all signed. I accept that analogue is the accord is “subject to accepted closing conditions.” So it’s activity to take… alarm it a few months to absolutely alteration aggregate over. But now we’re all alive and agreed, so it’s basically 99 percent of the way there.

So that’s the deal. What do you appetite to do with it?

One of the things that absolutely afraid me is I anticipation — as apparently abounding do — that Tumblr had affectionate of died beneath its array of accumulated parents. And afresh absolutely actuality able to see some of the numbers, including some the numbers post-when they afflicted the developed agreeable policy. I was like, “Wow, this has still got a ton activity on.”

We’ll be able to allocution about added of those numbers afterwards the abutting because I anticipate they’re absolutely absolutely interesting. But like I said, it absolutely hasn’t transferred over yet, so I don’t appetite to allege out of turn. But there’s huge engagement. The bodies who adulation Tumblr use it every day. They accept added circadian alive users than WordPress.com has account alive users. They’ve absolutely absurd a lot of the amusing ancillary of it.

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In agreement of what we appetite to do, one affair that additionally afflicted me was aloof the team, the bodies who are still there and alive on Tumblr are absolutely amorous about their community, about what this action could do. I apperceive that they accept a lot of things that they appetite to barrage and do — some that are alike already absolutely congenital that — that while this action was activity on, it didn’t absolutely accomplish faculty to add new things that change your service.

It’s a actual avant-garde aggregation as well. Tumblr pioneered a lot of what afterwards would appearance up on Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, all sorts of added places. So it’s consistently been a actual artistic team, and I absolutely am attractive avant-garde to seeing that aloof unleashed.

I assumption we’re still a accumulated parent, but we’re a actual affable one, and we’re all about blogging, innovation, publishing communities. So I would adulation for Tumblr to become a amusing alternative. That’s in band with Automattic’s ethics about aloofness and abandon of accent and publishing, but it has the fun and affability of some of the added networks we use, but afterwards that capitalism destroying… oh, I don’t apperceive what you appetite to alarm it.

I anticipate you appetite to alarm it Facebook. Is that your goal? To go appropriate at Facebook and Twitter with Tumblr?

No, not at all. I anticipate that we’ve consistently had some altered models. Announcement is absolutely article we’re activity to explore. We do absolutely appetite to abound Tumblr’s revenue. Appropriate now, they’re afire a lot of money. But long-term, I would say I’m additionally air-conditioned absorbed in experimenting with upgrades. WordPress.com has consistently been an upgrade-centric model. It’s freemium: use it for free, and afresh you can buy affairs anywhere from $40 to $450 per year to get added functionality. I’m analytical about axis on things like some of the e-commerce functionality we’ve been developing with Woocommerce, memberships, those things I anticipate would be very, actual absorbing to the Tumblr community. So there’s aloof so abundant to alleviate there.

Julia Alexander: The Tumblr association has watched as admiral from Yahoo and Verizon came in and approved to abound article that they absolutely didn’t understand. Famously, in 2016, a Yahoo controlling reportedly said Tumblr is the abutting PDF. It’s now a above antic in the community.

You’re the new accumulated overlord. How you’re activity to prove that you apperceive what Tumblr is and should be, in a way that doesn’t accomplish them feel added alienated than they already are?

If anyone had agitation now, I would aloof say attending at Automattic’s 14-year history or WordPress’ 16-year history. We accept a continued clue almanac with these things, including architecture a lot of assurance in an open-source community, which, by the way, is usually additionally actual agnostic of any aggregation at all.

But absolutely I would adulation for bodies to adjudicator us by our accomplishments over the abutting 18 months. Alarm it two months to close. It’s activity to be a few months of affiliation and the brief abstracts and servers and aggregate like that. But afresh afterwards that, we charge to absolutely attending at what happens and, ultimately, that’s all I consistently appetite to be advised by: our actions.

Nilay Patel: Obviously, Verizon absitively that developed agreeable was activity away. You tweeted aftermost night, “If bodies appetite big action changes here, put burden on the app food of Apple and Google, no one abroad has any leverage.” What did you beggarly by that?

This is a actual nuanced issue.

Every band of tech action is alive in that conversation.

Yeah. And some bodies say, “Well, do you charge to be in the app store? Aloof accept a web version.” But apps absolutely are it, and I accept Tumblr is one of the top 30 or 40 apps in the amusing networking category. It’s usually top brace hundred globally. So their app is a big allotment of how bodies collaborate with it.

And I don’t apperceive if you’ve anytime been through an app analysis process; we’ve alike run into this on WordPress. They’ll chase for porn. It’s not like it needs to be on the homepage or on the sign-up. They absolutely attending for it. And if they accretion something, you can be taken down.

And, by the way, it’s arbitrary. Maybe article you launched a year ago, now they’re adage it’s not allowed. App food can be affectionate of fickle. Not capricious, but it sometimes feels a little arbitrary. Honestly, I anticipate if you’re activity to be there, if you’re activity be on the app store, you appetite to try to comedy by what they support.

The added nuanced and broader issue, which I anticipate is affecting every abode that has user-generated content, is that ambrosial abundant anybody has confused above saying, “Hey, if it’s Aboriginal Amendment, if it’s not illegal, if we don’t get a acknowledged adjustment to booty it down, we’re blessed to host and advance it.” And now anybody is realizing, “Well, there’s a lot of actuality that’s not actionable that you maybe don’t appetite to advance everywhere else.”

When you allocution about the developed agreeable on Tumblr and the changes that they made, it’s absolutely like four or bristles issues alloyed in there. There was absolutely spam. I was added alive Tumblr user eight or nine years ago, and aback I logged aback to analysis it out, my augment was abounding of nude pictures that were bond to a spam site. This wasn’t had it wasn’t article I had subscribed to, but it was a tumblog that had been taken over by spammers and they were announcement bristles times an hour with ads for some array of babble site. Spam, essentially.

There is lots and lots of shades of gray in between, and I do absolutely appetite to apprentice more. There’s been a lot of altered communities on Tumblr and some of the babies ability accept been befuddled out with the bathwater, so with any array of action or algorithm or AI or whatever that’s accomplishing the filtering, you appetite to advance it and accomplish abiding that you’re blocking what you say you appetite to block, and not communicable accepted agreeable as well.

You could do that actuality on the web. You could advance the agreeable action and accomplish it maybe beneath akin there. But in the app, you’d still be ashore central of whatever Apple and Google want?

That’s my understanding.

You know, addition affair bodies ask is, “Well, how do Reddit and Twitter or get abroad with it? Because both accept bags of developed content.” I don’t know. I’m absolutely curious.

I accept Reddit has a ambience you do on the web, but afresh if you about-face that off, you can get added developed actuality in the app? But I admiration if that aloof works because Apple hasn’t noticed it yet, or if it’s absolutely article that is accustomed aural their policies. I don’t know.

I will say that, overall, a absolutely advancing home for developed agreeable is apparently best for a aggregation or a website which is absolutely committed to it. I apperceive a agglomeration of sites popped up afterwards the action change in December, so I beggarly that ability be a bigger approaching against achieve area there ability be a gray band or an evolving policy.

WordPress is a huge belvedere for all kinds of creators. It has acutely altered monetization models as you said. Absolute massive media publications are hosted on WordPress and individuals use WordPress. Do you apprehend that affectionate of calibration for Tumblr, or do you apprehend it to be added of a amusing network?

The primary user acquaintance is activity to be that amusing network. But there’s no acumen that VIP or absolutely high-end users of WordPress can’t tap into that amusing arrangement and a absolutely built-in admirable integration.

One of the things that Facebook did afterwards Cambridge Analytica is they absolutely removed all their announcement APIs. So you acclimated to be able to column to WordPress and we would auto-post to Tumblr, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., and they angry off those API is afterwards Cambridge Analytica. No one absolutely objected or talked about it too much, but effectively, they angry off the allotment that accustomed you to put alien agreeable into the Facebook Account Augment and everything.

That was absolutely a big change in how the accessible web formed because advanced all of the amusing networks had had some array of way to get things in and out. Tumblr for archetype acclimated to accept RSS feeds so you could chase things that weren’t absolutely hosted on Tumblr. I would adulation to accompany appearance like that aback because I would adulation for Tumblr to be a bigger allotment of the accessible web.

It absolutely sounds like you appetite to be a adversary to the big amusing networks in agreement of user attention, openness, politeness, backbone of community. Is that what you’re aiming for?

I appetite to actualize a abode on the web, which is fun and admiring and substantial. You’re an old-school web user. At one point, blogging had a absolute abracadabra to it. A frisson. You’d accept blog rolls and links and bodies would chase and animadversion and you’d accumulate up with things and it was a really, absolutely nice amusing network. But it additionally was absolutely broadcast and bodies had their own designs, and all those sorts of things. I anticipate we can accompany some of that aback and reimagine it in the adaptable apple which is area Tumblr is additionally air-conditioned strong.

Julia Alexander: Tumblr additionally has a agglomeration of above issues. It’s apparent a huge acceleration in acute credo on the platform. It has apparent above issues about accumulation shootings and the way [some users] acclaim shooters that [Tumblr has] had to address. It’s become a huge issue. I aloof feel like it doesn’t it allocution about as abundant because it’s not as big as Twitter. Do you plan to actively go in and try to apple-pie this up, or are you aloof activity to leave it be in the way that Verizon has?

These are very, actual difficult problems. So I do not appetite to blab or say that anything, alike if you assignment absolutely adamantine on it, will be 100 percent. But one of the things that excites me is that Tumblr has a abundant assurance and assurance team, and so does the blow of Automattic that works on WordPress.com. These teams accept a lot of overlap, and I’m attractive avant-garde to them alive together. One of apparently the aboriginal things that we’ll try to accord beyond accretion is aloof say, “Hey, we’re accomplishing 99 percent agnate work. Let’s accomplish abiding our behavior are consistent.”

Tumblr has some absolutely amazing automatic accoutrement that we don’t accept on WordPress.com that assignment absolutely well. And what accept we navigated with the dash of agreeable that bodies host on WordPress, and how can we use that to acquaint and absolutely animate a advantageous association on Tumblr as well.

Nilay Patel: Do you see these platforms advancing together? I get the faculty that you intend to accumulate them apart, which makes sense: one is a actual user-centric amusing network, the added is a publishing platform. But do you anticipate them advancing anytime afterpiece together, or aloof added on the policies, procedures, backend stuff?

I anticipate there’s a lot of overlap in what both do. I would adulation for them to interoperate. I do accept that, long-term, there’s an befalling to absorb backend technology so that Tumblr is absolutely powered by WordPress. WordPress, we anticipate of as the accessible web operating system. It admiral 34 percent of web sites now. It should be able to ability aggregate that Tumblr does, but what I would alarm the Tumblr app, the user experience, the dashboard, that will consistently be its own altered affair and advance in its own way because it is article audible from aggregate abroad on the web. That’s what I anticipate is the best absorbing affair about Tumblr: it’s a unique, iconic cast that I’m attractive avant-garde to actuality about for decades to come. It has article that’s aloof a bit different.

It’s funny because about every amusing arrangement acquired to absorb forms of blogging. There was microblogging, photo blogging, audio blogging, which is podcasting. These are all affectionate of forms of things that were originally pioneered on blogging. Yet all of these things accept become so balkanized. I anticipate it’s very, actual absorbing to see if you can accompany them calm a bit, as Tumblr column formats do.

What affectionate of acquaintance bodies can actualize for themselves and absolutely accomplish it article area they accept what they follow? They’re not aloof actuality algorithmically pushed whatever is the best damaging affair that ability be in their feed.

I’m accepting some able Google Clairvoyant accordance from you. Not that you’re activity to body an RSS reader. But it’s still lamented that it’s gone; it was the appliance that brought calm an absolute ecosystem of blogs. Is that role article you can fill?

There’s article air-conditioned admired there. Aback you anticipate of time able-bodied spent online, aback you anticipate about bodies accepting added ascendancy over how they put their absorption and their time. Anticipate about their data: are they advance their abstracts into a abode area it can appear aback out? Area it allowances them as abundant if not added as it allowances whoever is hosting them or whatever software they’re using? Do they accept accurate ownership?

These are all things that never go out of style. We accept peaks and troughs of artlessness on the web. I anticipate we are departure a trough. If you anticipate 2016 was the aiguille of the bankrupt amusing networks and proprietary software, we are seeing absurd advance of accessible source, of broadcast systems, whether that’s in information, whether that’s in blogging, with money, with crypto, and aggregate accompanying to that. These are able revolutions that are activity to comedy out over the abutting 15 to 20 years, but it’s abandoned activity to go up from here.

This is additionally my life’s work. I’ve formed on this for 16 years. I achievement to assignment on these issues absolutely the blow of my life. So I appetite to accumulate alive to actualize the affectionate of web that if I anytime accept accouchement that I appetite them to abound up with.

Julia Alexander: You said you capital to acquaint added announcement to Tumblr.

I don’t apperceive if “more” is the best word. But I do anticipate that the announcement they did do is decidedly lower than what you would expect. It makes it decidedly beneath than what you would apprehend for the bulk of cartage and audience.

Tumblr is such a alcove audience. It gets abroad with actuality so weird. That’s why bodies still adulation it. It’s awe-inspiring whether it’s fandom or it’s aloof aberancy in general. Do you anguish that bringing in ads will affect the community?

I anticipate there is an befalling there. My compassionate is, appropriate now, best of the ads are programmatic, which agency arrangement ads.

It’s not where, say, a cine flat or a specific advertiser who absolutely understands the Tumblr admirers is saying, “This is who we appetite to ability with a bulletin we appetite to ambition to them specifically.” So, that’s an experiment, of course. But I accept aerial hopes that the aberancy — what I would call as the adorableness of the Tumblr association — is absolutely really, absolutely appealing. And we should do a acceptable job with advertising. Now, I will additionally couch that by adage Automattic is not an announcement company. We’re a cable and upgrades company. So conceivably the announcement affair doesn’t assignment out, and it’s all added subscription-based. I anticipate that can be absolutely advantageous and absolutely absolute as well.

Nilay Patel: How do you anticipate about the accord to creators? Is there a way to empower and atone the creators? Tumblr is such a force of culture. Is there a way to accord aback to it in a way that isn’t aloof a alteration of bulk to BuzzFeed?

Let me allocution about what we do for that on WordPress.com. So one, we accept WordPress.com upgrades you can buy and get added customizability. And yes, it’s a cost, but you can get so abundant added ability and ascendancy over your site, including things like your own area name. It’s not bad, you know. It’s a week’s account of Starbucks or something. It’s not a huge advance for your complete online presence.

We accept a affairs alleged WordAds that allows bodies to run ads. We about array anybody together, we can do absolutely avant-garde things like attack behest and added things to ensure affection and do a acquirement share. So you can accept your own ads on the armpit and accomplish money from that traffic. We’ve additionally been ablution appearance about monetization or e-commerce. So there’s a simple payments button, there’s some associates actuality that’s ablution soon, all the way up to abounding e-commerce. There’s store’s that do over $100 actor a year in anniversary acquirement congenital on Woocommerce.

So from the simple PayPal-like pay me now button, all the way up to adult stores, are things that you can do on WordPress. And we see absolutely arctic of 10 billion of affairs a year ago through that, and growing fast, so I would adulation to accessible some of that up to the Tumblr community. These are things we’ve congenital already.

How it fits or works for Tumblr is absolutely activity to be up to that team. You apperceive they accept that user abject and that association bigger than anyone abroad in the world. So I’m actual analytical to see how some of the raw abstracts and the abstruse things that we’ve already congenital central the blow of Automattic, how they anticipate that will fit best with the Tumblr community. I abandoned would be absolutely aflame about memberships or some array of alternating payment.

Are you activity try to accommodate your engineering teams, or are you activity to leave them abandoned at first?

We’ve done a few acquisitions like this before. You appetite to accommodate gently: attending at area things accomplish faculty and do that first, appearance success, and afresh alpha to expand.

Long term, like I said, there’s a lot of overlap amid WordPress.com and Tumblr. There are additionally a lot of things that are absolutely different, and I could see actuality absolute forever. But abnormally from an engineering point of view, I am aflame to body added things appliance React and APIs that ability absolutely be reusable beyond them. So alike admitting we could accept some cipher administration beyond apps. As you apperceive WordPress. com including Calypso, which is our front-end, is 100 percent accessible source. So that’s all there and we can see what affectionate of cipher sharing, or maybe what we can accessible antecedent on the Tumblr side.

You’re activity to accessible antecedent Tumblr?

That would be ambrosial cool.

How anon until Verizon’s awe-inspiring ad-tracking pixels are gone from Tumblr?

That’s a acceptable question. I would say, for all of those things, apprehend things to be affectionate of the aforementioned until we do the close. Anticipate of that actuality October. We’ll absolutely alpha to attending at our systems. So Automattic has an access to GDPR, an access to tracking pixels, we’re a actual privacy-focused company. We’ll absolutely alpha to try to accommodate what Tumblr does with what we begin works absolutely able-bodied on WordPress.com, Longreads, Simplenote, our added products.

You’ve announced to the advisers of Tumblr. This is an befalling to allocution to the bodies who use Tumblr, the community. What is the affair that you appetite them to apperceive the most?

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