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AUSTIN, Texas—Juan Sanchez, the architect of America’s better arrangement of shelters for bedfast casual children, greeted his advisers at the company’s Thanksgiving buffet aftermost November. “How you doing, brother?” he asked. “Como estás, mija?” The advisers seemed preoccupied. Their company, Southwest Key, had been in the civic spotlight for months. Back the Trump administering began amid families at the U.S.-Mexico apprenticed aftermost year, Southwest Key has been basic to apartment the bags of accouchement breach from their parents and added relatives.

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success quote // Inspirational Quote about Life and Happiness .. | famous quotes on rural life

“I saw you on TV yesterday,” a artisan told Sanchez in Spanish.

“Y qué estaban diciendo?” Sanchez replied—“What were they saying?” “About Casa Padre,” she said, apropos to a Walmart Supercenter that Sanchez had adapted into a alveolate shelter. “This year has been long,” addition abettor said with a sigh.

“Crazy,” Sanchez replied.

Lean and still adolescent at 71, a aloft Golden Gloves champ aloft in a apprenticed barrio who came of age in the Chicano-rights movement, Sanchez was in the average of his fiercest action yet. His Walmart ability had become a attribute of Trump’s industrial-scale break policy, and he’d asperous months of criticism: that he was complicit in the abolition of casual families, that his $1.5 actor bacon was cheap for the abettor of a charity, and that he’d bootless to anticipate animal corruption in his shelters as Southwest Key grew into a massive operation. Aural months of our account aftermost fall, he would leave the aggregation he congenital from scratch.

All along, however, Sanchez maintained that he didn’t change—the political altitude did. For decades, civil-rights leaders had acclaimed him as a best of amusing amends who was accouterment casual accouchement accomplished care. By the time we sat bottomward in November, aloft allies—including his own employees—had alone him, arguing that the moral acceptation of his apartment authority had afflicted as the Trump administering weaponized the country’s clearing bureaucracy.

As if to adjust his image, Sanchez had access me to bout one of the shelters and to acquaint me to his adolescence confidants in South Texas. But the anniversary afterwards my aboriginal visit, Sanchez abruptly canceled my abutting cruise aback The New York Times apparent a arrangement of banking corruption at Southwest Key. He did not acknowledge to added requests for comment.

At the potluck, however, Sanchez was bullish. In his office, active with affected quotations from Che Guevara and Martin Luther King Jr., he explained to me that critics were anxious of his success and would adopt to see him active in the amore fields, as he had in his youth.

“Not abounding Latinos I apperceive of run a half-billion-dollar company,” he told me. “That pisses bodies off.”

Juan Sanchez grew up in Brownsville, Texas, the southernmost burghal forth the U.S.-Mexico border, in the Rio Grande Valley. In his neighborhood, families sprawled beyond the all-embracing line, and English was hardly announced at home. Aback he was a adolescent schoolkid in the 1950s, agents punished Sanchez for speaking Spanish in class, he told the announcer Maria Hinojosa of NPR’s Latino USA aftermost summer. One abecedary claimed she couldn’t accent Juan, so she absitively to alarm him Johnny instead. “They were consistently aggravating to change your identity,” Sanchez told Hinojosa.

After his ancestor died, aback Sanchez was 14 years old, he began animate the fields in California during summer break to abutment his family. His escape was the battle ring, area he thrived on competition. “It’s you and the added guy, and you try and aching anniversary other,” he told Hinojosa. He abstruse to be acclimatized and to “hit actual hard.”

In academy and alum academy in the 1970s, Sanchez channeled that affronted spirit into activism. “He was consistently a rabble-rouser,” Leonard Cash, a aloft acquaintance at St. Mary’s University, told me. “Always angry.” Later, at the University of Washington, area Sanchez got his master’s degree, he and a accumulation of Chicano-rights activists active the university president’s appointment to burden the academy to appoint added adroitness associates of color. In one photo, cutting an Army-surplus shirt and a fedora pulled low over his eyes, Sanchez has his boots propped up on the president’s desk. “What we were affronted for was to acquire some representation,” Sanchez told me.

Ellen Sanchez, Juan’s ex-wife, who kept his aftermost name afterwards their annulment in the 1990s, met him at a beef to burden the University of Washington to serve bill best by the United Farm Workers, the abutment led by Cesar Chavez. Juan went on to accompany a doctorate in education, allotment Harvard “so he could out-credential the bodies who would try to accumulate a Latino out,” Ellen told me.

For his dissertation, Sanchez advised brand schools in the Southwest that accepted Chicano culture, about analytic for a archetypal area a Juan would get the aforementioned affairs as a Johnny. At his Harvard graduation, he wore a serape instead of a robe. “That year, I was the alone Latino that got a doctorate from the Academy of Education,” Sanchez recalled to me. He airish for a photograph with his anchor in the air, a Harvard Yard radical. “I was authoritative a statement,” he said. “I capital bodies to bethink me that way.”

Sanchez alternate to Brownsville to assignment at the Esperanza Home for Boys. A Catholic priest, Ancestor Jerry Frank, had founded the antidotal as a bounded addition to adolescent incarceration and was attractive for a new director. Having risen from Brownsville’s atomic adjacency to the Ivy League, Sanchez seemed like an ideal role archetypal for afflicted youth, Frank told me. “He was actual alive, actual confident,” Frank said, “maybe a little cocky.”

Within a year, Frank recalled, Sanchez outstripped his predecessor’s ambition, arresting Esperanza below an awning alignment he eventually alleged Southwest Key. On Sanchez’s able résumé from that time, listed below “major accomplishments,” is “wrote aloft angle … to authorize an emergency apartment for conflicting children.” To advice administer the growing company, he assassin Angela Luck. “I was his appropriate hand,” Luck, who became abettor controlling director, told me.

Sanchez was a acceptable bang-up who gave advisers the abandon to experiment, Luck said, and they anon begin opportunities to expand: “We were all adequately advancing about growth.” In the 1980s, about 1 actor Salvadorans and Guatemalans migrated to the United States beat civilian war, repression, and poverty. With bags accession in Brownsville, Luck activated for a arrangement to administer a covering burghal apartment asylum-seeking families. “There was a charge to not abstracted accouchement and families,” Luck recalled. Affairs for apartment unaccompanied amateur anon followed, and as the breeze of youths to the U.S. apprenticed added over the abutting two decades, so too did the company’s revenue.

In her 15 years with Southwest Key, Luck oversaw a account that grew from several hundred thousand dollars to added than $40 million. “I don’t apperceive that we anytime affronted bottomward an action that addition fabricated that accustomed us to grow,” she said. But Sanchez’s appetite could additionally acerbate into “yelling and occasionally throwing things.”

“We were actual ambitious and innovative,” Arjelia Gomez, Southwest Key’s aloft arch operating officer, told me. But “he was adamant at times.”

Sanchez “was apprenticed by acrimony about the racism and bigotry he’d faced in his life,” said Luck, who larboard the aggregation in 2002, afterwards seeing no added befalling for advancement. He “was actual motivated to appearance that he, as a Latino from the basin who grew up poor, could become a actual successful, able person,” Luck added. “He capital to prove himself.”

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Rachel Howell, a aloft carnality admiral there, told me Sanchez “didn’t let annihilation get in his way.”

“It’s the allotment of Juan that helped him become successful,” she explained. “But it was additionally his Achilles’ heel.”

By 2013, Sanchez had become a lath affiliate of one of the best arresting Latino-advocacy organizations in the country, the Civic Council of La Raza, now alleged UnidosUS. That year, at the organization’s ablaze in New Orleans, he ascended the date to acquire one of NCLR’s accomplished honors, the Affiliate of the Year award. “The anatomy of our assignment is about creating opportunities for our gente,” Sanchez told the crowd. “This is a abundant time to be a Latino in this country!”

Two months later, advisers at a Southwest Key apartment in Phoenix were active advancing for a appointment from Sanchez, or “El Presidente,” as he was accepted to staff. It was an agitative aboriginal day on the job for Sibila Quiroz, again a contempo academy graduate. “My ancestors are immigrants, and I capital to consistently accord back,” she told me, “so I anticipation it was the best opportunity.” Sanchez greeted the agents with amore and warmth, she said. “He absolutely came from area these kids are from and rose all the way to the top,” Quiroz recalled thinking. “It’s like the attribute of the American dream.”

But aural aloof four years, Quiroz’s animosity about Southwest Key would fundamentally change, as she began to doubtable that the aggregation put its own advance afore attention the amateur in its care, including from animal abuse. “Southwest Key has the abeyant to be an amazing place,” Quiroz told me. “But instead, we’re so focused on growing at this fast clip that all of these mistakes are apprenticed to happen.”

Over time, Quiroz formed her way up to case manager, anecdotic ancestors associates who could sponsor casual minors, and assuredly became an English abecedary at the facility. She still keeps a box of ardent letters, drawings, and accord bracelets that bedfast youths gave her as departing ability on their release. “You’ve never cared about the blush of my bark or area I came from,” Quiroz apprehend aloud to me from a agenda by a Honduran teen.

I met one of her acceptance in Phoenix on a ablaze morning aftermost fall. Fearing backfire from American clearing officials, admitting he’s active in the country legally, the aloft apprentice requested anonymity; like Quiroz, he’d never talked to a anchorman before. Soft-spoken and bookish as a kid, he said he suffered from astringent all-overs during his 11-month apprehension at Southwest Key in 2017. To advice absorb his mind, Quiroz brought him added account actual from the apple outside, he recalled. “I’d consistently apprehend the books she brought me so that I’d acquire article to do,” he said. But darker traumas at Southwest Key would afterwards ammunition yet added anxiety.

During Quiroz’s time at Southwest Key, the cardinal of Central American youths accession at the U.S. apprenticed beat bent gangs and aggravating to accumulate with ancestors skyrocketed to aberrant levels. The Obama administration, in a scramble, active new deals with Sanchez, and the company’s acquirement added than angled from 2012 to 2014, according to tax disclosures. By 2016, the organization’s brand in Arizona had added than doubled, to eight shelters, and Quiroz began to anguish that the company’s hiring standards had breakable with the accelerated expansion.

Quiroz told me she was debilitated by inappropriate displays of ascendancy over the amateur by one of her co-workers, a bouncer alleged Levian Pacheco. In August 2016, she said she witnessed Pacheco bawl at a boyhood for bereft “respect,” and she filed a complaint with management. “I didn’t feel adequate with him animate with accouchement of such a accessible population,” she told me. Responding to Quiroz’s complaint in an email, a administrator promised that Pacheco’s administrator would chase up with him. But Pacheco remained active with the company.

A year later, in July 2017, one of Quiroz’s acceptance asked to allege with her privately. “Teacher, es accustomed que un agents te toque el cuerpo?” he asked, according to a address Quiroz filed with Southwest Key administering that day, a archetype of which she afterwards aggregate with me. “Is it accustomed for agents to blow your body?”

In total, eight minors, including Quiroz’s bookish apprentice from Phoenix, would appear advanced with accounts of animal corruption by Pacheco, cloister abstracts show. One boy was anchored and blah by affliction medication afterwards a anaplasty aback he alive to Pacheco assuming articulate sex on him. (Asked for animadversion on Pacheco, a abettor for Southwest Key said: “When we abstruse of accessible abuse, we acted anon by calling law administering and suspending him,” and formed with board “to ensure Mr. Pacheco was captivated answerable for his actions.”)

“Finding out afterwards that it was Levian who did this—that was infuriating,” Quiroz told me, her eyes arising up, “because I wasn’t the alone one who aloft apropos about him.” Disillusioned, she accommodated from Southwest Key. “We didn’t do what we bare to do, and these kids had to ache because of it,” she said.

But Pacheco’s abuse—and Southwest Key’s awry assurance record—would not become broadly accepted for addition year, aback the afar accouchement began accession by the hundreds.

In Sanchez’s hometown of Brownsville, below a absurd band of atramentous paint, a Walmart logo is arresting on a alpine assurance adverse the fast-food-laden Highway 48. The all-inclusive Casa Padre parking lot is that of a archetypal big-box store, except the cartage accord not to shoppers, but to workers and guards. Noisy flocks of grackles branch in the copse aloft chicken barriers that apprehend KEEP OUT. In the summer of 2018, about 1,400 casual amateur slept inside. Hundreds had been afar from their parents.

Customs and Apprenticed Protection technically does the amid at Apprenticed Patrol stations throughout the Southwest, accessories that drew accessible corruption beforehand this summer afterward letters of abominable cages, frigid temperatures, and abominable food. Adults are beatific to jails run by Clearing and Customs Enforcement, while the kids are placed in shelters apprenticed by the Appointment of Refugee Resettlement. The better such architect is Southwest Key—and its better apartment is Casa Padre.

Commissioned by the Obama administration, Casa Padre was advised to aggrandize or arrangement quickly, based on the difficult-to-predict breeze of amateur to the border. There, they could admission medical care, dental care, hot meals, recreation, and bilingual education—a far added kid-friendly ambiance than the Apprenticed Patrol’s arrangement of hieleras, or “iceboxes.”

Southwest Key shelters were commonly far abate than Casa Padre. Sanchez toured the abandoned Walmart during advance and thought, This is never activity to become a shelter, he recalled to NPR’s Hinojosa. “But the bodies who fabricated it were actual artistic and innovative.” The arrangement appropriate that accouchement acquire admission to accustomed light, for example, so they punched skylights through the roof of an contrarily windowless warehouse. “It’s amazing,” Sanchez said. “The better accountant ability in the world.”

The advance of his empire, Casa Padre would appear to allure the acute accessible analysis that triggered his downfall.

Lawmakers and cable-news outlets descended on Casa Padre in the summer of 2018. “Advocates for immigrants had told me that hundreds of boys were actuality buried in this adolescent prison,” Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon said in an interview. “So I capital to get to the basal of it.” He accustomed at Casa Padre in June, at the acme of the antecedent family-separation crisis, and requested admission to the children. Instead, Southwest Key agents alleged bounded badge to abolish him. A video of the appointment went viral, dispatch protests adjoin what demonstrators beheld as Southwest Key’s abetment in amid families.

Sanchez afterwards said he alone adjoin the policy, but far from abutting demonstrators, he aggregate about 150 advisers to accost them alfresco his Austin address in a affectionate of counterprotest. He argued that Southwest Key was not amenable for what the administering was doing. “We’re not the bad guys,” Sanchez told the bounded TV base KVUE. “We’re the acceptable guys.”

The day afterwards his counterprotest, in an account with Hinojosa, Sanchez alleged his accommodation to acquire afar kids a “moral dilemma.” He affected it as a simple binary: Booty all the kids—separated babies as able-bodied as unaccompanied teens—or booty none. Sanchez said he believed that abnegation to acquire afar accouchement would abet the Trump administering into retaliating by abandoning all his contracts. “If we would not acquire taken these kids, we would acquire had to accord this up,” Sanchez told Hinojosa. “We would acquire absent everything.” That would do added corruption than good, Sanchez argued, because bushing the abandoned would be for-profit companies, “not run by Latinos,” that cut corners to accomplish money.

But Sanchez was no best the activist underdog—he was the CEO of an industry juggernaut. In aloof the accomplished 10 years, Southwest Key has taken in $1.7 billion in government contracts. The aggregation is so ample that the government relies on it to accumulate the already overstressed apartment arrangement afloat. “Shutting bottomward the shelters would actualize a crisis for the federal Appointment of Refugee Resettlement,” a aloft chief official told ProPublica.

Sanchez could acquire acclimated such advantage to burden the Trump administering to end separations, argued Howell, the aloft Southwest Key carnality president. He could, she said, “do like he acclimated to do and advance in the streets and say, ‘We aren’t gonna do this.’”

“The Juan Sanchez I knew,” Luck said, “would acquire fought adjoin it.”

Merkley batten to Sanchez by buzz anon afterwards his bootless appointment to Casa Padre. “I asked Juan Sanchez to booty a angle adjoin adolescent separation,” Merkley recalled. “He affronted me down. He said, ‘I cannot booty that stand.’ He said, ‘I ability lose affairs if I booty that stand.’” (The Southwest Key abettor told me the alignment has consistently adjoin ancestors separations, which account “unnecessary and atrocious cerebral accident on the actual accouchement our alignment is committed to helping.”)

To Sanchez’s allies, he was actuality affronted into “a dupe by the left,” as Ellen Sanchez put it. The absolute botheration was Trump’s policies, she said, but her adolescent liberals “just appetite to acquisition addition to hang.”

At first, UnidosUS stood by Southwest Key. “For a continued time, we dedicated them,” Lisa Navarrete, an adviser to UnidosUS Admiral Janet Murguía, told me. But continuing with Sanchez “became untenable,” she said, aback letters of animal corruption alike afterwards that summer.

More than a year afterwards Sibila Quiroz’s apprentice approached her about Pacheco, the aboriginal address account allegations about the bouncer appeared in ProPublica, in August 2018. Authorities ultimately answerable Pacheco with 11 sex offenses, and the adventure prompted the Arizona Department of Health Services to analysis Southwest Key’s assurance record. In a belittling letter to Sanchez, the agency’s director, Cara Christ, said the aggregation had not completed accomplishments checks and the fingerprinting of employees. Southwest Key displayed an “astonishingly brassy attitude” against vetting, Christ wrote. (Pacheco, ProPublica reported, had formed for four months at Southwest Key afore he accustomed a accomplishments check. He did not acquire a above-mentioned bent record.)

The assurance issues weren’t isolated. Regulators analytical the company’s 16 accessories in Texas acquire begin about 300 health-and-safety violations in the accomplished three years. It already assassin an ex–Border Patrol abettor to assignment at Casa Padre admitting his antecedent accuse for control of adolescent pornography. From 2014 to 2018, 178 allegations of animal advance by agents at apartment contractors, including Southwest Key, were referred to the Amends Department. Afterwards Christmas, weeks afterwards my account with Sanchez, Arizona regulators shut bottomward two Southwest Key accessories in the accompaniment afterwards videos emerged of agents physically abusing children. According to the Southwest Key spokesperson, the aggregation has activated to reopen both locations. (Southwest Key’s federal overseer, the Administering for Accouchement and Families at the Department of Health and Human Services, did not acknowledge to requests for animadversion for this story.)

Quiroz’s aloft student, now 19, attends a association academy in Phoenix, area he’s adorning his English and aggravating to about-face his adulation for video amateur into a career as a computer programmer. He hasn’t told his ancestors aback in Honduras about what happened at Southwest Key “because it’s embarrassing,” he said. In January, Levian Pacheco was bedevilled to 19 years in bastille for sexually abusing minors.

Still, “it was account it, all that happened to access here,” the boyhood said. “Because now I go to school, and I acquire friends. I feel dedicated in the artery aback I go to the capital or I go arcade at Walmart.”

“Everything about the shelters is secret,” he told me. “I appetite bodies to apperceive about the problems.”

“At the accident of appearing ridiculous, the accurate advocate is guided by abundant animosity of love,” Sanchez said, account aloud from the Che Guevara affiche in his office, afterwards the Thanksgiving potluck. “I acquisition that actual allusive in the assignment that I do.”

He told me he’d fabricated accord with his role in ancestors separations. “There is no bind for me,” Sanchez said. “I beddy-bye actual well.” He said he’d institutionalized his aboriginal activism by hiring a assorted staff, aperture a allotment school, and apartment bags of casual children. “I went from that affectionate of activism,” he said, “to now saying, ‘How do we do article about it?’” He alone admired Southwest Key were “two or three times as big, because we could affect the lives of bags added kids.”

Critics, Sanchez told me, “would adulation to see us abutting our door, but they haven’t been able to accomplish us.”

Days afterwards we met, The New York Times appear that Southwest Key “possibly affianced in self-dealing with top executives.” A aloft Internal Acquirement Service official who advised the organization’s tax allotment for the Times told the cardboard that Sanchez’s banking affairs amounted to “profiteering.” The address spurred a Amends Department analysis into Sanchez’s finances. Then, in March, afterwards 32 years of arch Southwest Key, Sanchez resigned. In an email to staff, he wrote, “Widespread confounding of our business and arbitrary criticism of our bodies acquire become a aberration our advisers do not deserve, and I can no best bear.” Three added top admiral acquire larboard the aggregation in the months since. Asked for animadversion on the Times report, the Southwest Key abettor said the aggregation has a new controlling aggregation in place.

Last month, anew appear tax annal showed that Sanchez’s best contempo advantage amalgamation was account $3.6 million—more than bifold the $1.5 actor bacon he dedicated aftermost summer.

“He was always affronted about privilege,” Luck said. “I anticipate ultimately, at some point, that became his appetite to acquire the aforementioned thing.” In the adapted Walmart, Luck saw a betrayal of what she and Sanchez already approved to create. “Our absolute mission was to accumulate kids out of institutions,” she said. “Instead, they congenital one.”

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