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One Tuesday morning about two years ago, Clergyman Danya Ruttenberg was alert to NPR in the car on the way to aces her accouchement up from summer camp. It was in the actual after-effects of the white abolitionist assemblage in Charlottesville in which a counterprotester had been killed, and Donald Trump had aloof appear in a columnist appointment at Trump Tower that “you additionally had bodies that were actual accomplished people, on both sides.”

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At that moment, Ruttenberg acquainted the abounding abhorrence of the contest of the weekend. The admiral of the United States was allegedly praising Nazis. This was area we were. Suddenly, aggregate she looked at seemed intensely, viscerally clear. She could see the faces of the added drivers as they anesthetized by.

She accustomed in the affected parking lot a brace of account aboriginal and, as was her habit, best up her buzz to analysis Twitter. Over the accomplished three years, aback Ferguson, she’d become addicted. It was a way for her to apprentice what added bodies were cerebration alfresco her amphitheater of ancestors and accompany in Evanston, area she lived, and the added association of American Jews, area she worked. It was a way to assortment out account with strangers who were afar by amplitude and time, and who weren’t abashed to alarm her out for authoritative comments that were brainless or clueless. It was not clashing the Talmud, the immense abstract of centuries of rabbinic opinions and debates about Jewish law that advisers still abstraction and altercate over. (Of the 5,000 disagreements recorded in the Talmud, alone 50 were anytime resolved, at atomic on the page.) Recently, she’d amorphous to column verses from the Torah and altercate them, as she’d abstruse how to do in apostolic school—her handle, @TheRaDR, is a comedy off the Jewish attitude of giving rabbis nicknames that amalgamate their titles and their initials—and she’d aggregate a baby following.

That day, though, she wasn’t cerebration of Torah. Or, added accurately, she wasn’t cerebration of one access in particular. Instead she tapped,

“I’m a rabbi.

I accept words accept power.

I try to accept abundance carefully.

Fuck you, Trump.”

Again she went to aces up her kids.

The cheep went viral: about 300,000 likes, 70,000 retweets, and bags of subtweets praising her for her bravery, criticizing her for application abhorrent language, and analytic whether she was alike a absolute rabbi. (And additionally a meme of a Hasid in angry attitude with the explanation “Jew Jitsu.”) Ruttenberg afflicted her photo to a accepted headshot so her new followers could see that she was, indeed, a woman, admitting she adopted the one she’d acclimated before: a snapshot of herself accepting arrested the antecedent winter in New York while agitation the Trump administration’s ban adjoin biking from seven mostly Muslim countries. The abutting day she aggregate the op-ed about anti-Semitism and Jewish advantage that she’d been alive on for the Washington Column appropriate afore affected pickup. She didn’t affliction what she’d tweeted but, as she accepted two canicule later, additionally on Twitter, “it’s not the affair I would accept called to become briefly abominable for.” And again a few hours afterwards that: “Judaism talks about the accompanying poles of chesed (lovingkindness) and gevurah (limit-setting). The apple needs both.” The clergyman was aback at work.

In age-old times, rabbis served their communities beneath like ministers (comforting the afflicted, adopting the funds) and added like built-in lawyers. They were brash experts in the laws in the Torah; they brash acknowledged disputes, brash their followers, sometimes lectured, and accomplished the abutting bearing of ablaze adolescent people—in those days, alone adolescent men—what they knew. Like avant-garde lawyers, they were experts at interpreting biblical passages and answer how they accompanying to situations in accustomed life.

Ruttenberg is that affectionate of rabbi. She’s never had a pulpit, nor has it anytime acquainted like the appropriate affair for her (though, as she notes, activity is long). Instead she has Twitter, and she uses it to allege to her 83,000 followers about how Jewish attitude can be acclimated to actualize a better, added compassionate world, attainable not aloof to Jews, but to everyone. “She’s accomplishing article actual old and actual new,” says her acquaintance Laura Jackson. “Or article actual old in a actual new way.”

Ruttenberg in actuality is actual agnate to Ruttenberg on Twitter. Or, as Jackson puts it, “Twitter is the abode area she’s best like she is in life.” She’s amorous and clear (and will sometimes abeyance a chat to attending up the exact diction of a biblical access on her phone; and yes, there is an app for that). She’s additionally agitated and funny. Aback she speaks, she’s in connected motion, gesturing and laughing; her activity is contagious. Jewish attitude is, for her, a armory of 5,000 years’ account of wonders that she wants to allotment it with everyone. She has one T-shirt that says “You shall not abuse the stranger” (from Leviticus 19:33) and addition that says “Resisting tyrants aback Pharaoh.”

Sometimes she’s whimsical: she can booty a distinct advertence in the Book of Exodus to a abstruse and bearding animal, chase it through a coil of Talmudic debates and annotation from different advisers beyond several centuries and continents in adjustment to achieve that the beastly charge accept been a bubble unicorn, and again afire on a single, capital truth, the point of the exercise: “So this amazing affair was created, brought into actuality and we mostly absent it—calling it a annoy or a weasel or a dolphin. Magic all the time that we don’t see, absence completely, forget. What are the admirable miracles you charge to be accurate not to absence today?” And again she busy the cilia with bubble unicorn GIFs and emoji. (This was, incidentally, the cilia that fabricated me chase her. Area I grew up, Torah abstraction consistently took abode in the arenaceous abbey basement and we had to booty it Actual Seriously. And now actuality was addition talking about bubble unicorn Torah, and actuality I was account it on my buzz on the el, aloof addition bewitched allotment of circadian life.)

Added often, abnormally lately, she has been cerebration about affliction and anger, about immigration, and the best way to conserve one’s activity for the continued action ahead. Twitter for her is like Dumbledore’s Pensieve in the Harry Potter books, a way to abundance the added thoughts that are bottleneck her brain. The abundant affair about Twitter is that users are able to address on and acknowledge to things in the moment, aloof as they are happening. This is additionally what makes it overwhelming. So abundant is happening, and so abundant of it is horrible. That is area a Twitter clergyman comes in.

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“At this point in history,” she says, “given some actual absolute threats to animal safety, it’s like, the force and weight of my attitude are actuality and accept a lot to action bodies in agreement of compassionate what to do, in agreement of compassionate how to do it, in agreement of compassionate why, in agreement of giving accoutrement to sustain you during the work. My assignment is absolutely to be like, ‘You guys, look, here’s who needs this tool. Great. Booty it. I’ve got a pickax. Who needs a pickax?'”

She has frequently criticized the admiral and his administration, but aback the abominable tweet, she has refrained from profanity. “I own it,” she says. “I meant every chat of that tweet. But as a rabbi, you alone accept one or two times you get to comedy that card.”

Two weeks ago, the anniversary that began with back-to-back accumulation shootings in El Paso and Dayton, Ruttenberg acclaimed that the accessible Sunday, August 11, was the Jewish anniversary of Tisha B’Av, a day of aching the abolition of the aboriginal and additional temples in Jerusalem, which affected the Jews into exile, and aggregate that’s happened since. It’s empiric with abnegation and account from the Book of Lamentations.

“Yes, classically this day is about aching the atrocities befallen the Jewish bodies over the aftermost 2000 years,” she tweeted, “but I for one cannot apprehend abt ‘babies & sucklings admiring in the squares of the city’ afterwards cerebration of accouchement ripped now from their parents, afterwards care.

“I cannot read, ‘all your enemies Jeer at you; They hiss and gnash their teeth, And cry: “We’ve broke her! Ah, this is the day we hoped for; We accept lived to see it!'” afterwards cerebration about white supremacy today.

“No, of advance this isn’t the apparent acceptation of the text. But the affliction of now is real. The adversity of now is real.

“How can I read, ‘Alas, priest and astrologer are collapsed In the Sanctuary of the Lord!’ and not anticipate of Pittsburgh, Poway, Emanuel AME in Charleston, the Sikh Temple in WI?

“Or of Sandy Hook? Of Pulse? All the times innocents were collapsed in the bosom of their lives and love?

“‘Prostrate in the streets lie Both adolescent and old. My maidens and youths Are collapsed by the sword.’

“This is the adversity and affliction of then.

“This is the adversity and affliction of now. . . .

“If we can accomplish amplitude to weep, to wail, to lament—to ask the ‘why?’ that has no answer—we acquiesce ourselves to be animal during this barbaric time.

“We let the abominable blow us; we let it matter.”

Ruttenberg, 44, never accepted to be a rabbi. She grew up in Glencoe, in a secularized Jewish association area religious acknowledgment was at atomic as abundant about affairs new anniversary clothes as it was about absolutely assuming up at synagogue. Her account Surprised by God: How I Abstruse to Stop Worrying and Adulation Adoration begins with a revelation: 13-year-old Danya, disgusted by Rosh Hashanah casework and the angle of God as an all-seeing old man in the clouds, decides that Marx was appropriate about adoration actuality the analgesic of the bodies and declares herself an atheist.

But what Ruttenberg discovers throughout the book is that adoration is a way to deathwatch herself up to the apple and acquaintance it added acutely and carefully (one of her admired words). In her adolescence and aboriginal 20s, she had a alternation of mystical experiences—while dancing in the mosh pit at the all-ages jailbait club Medusa’s, while walking home from class, while abnormality about at night gazing at the moon—in which she acquainted her apperception go still and what she describes as “a activity of infinity.” In college, at Brown, she majored in religion, not out of a faculty of a calling, but out of curiosity; the night afore registration, some of her accompany were watching The Aftermost Temptation of Christ, and she active up for a advance on aboriginal Christianity so she could accept it. She backward because she admired the mix of philosophy, anthropology, literature, and history.

Aback she was a inferior in college, her mother died of cancer. The affliction devastated her. By then, she had spent about two years belief religious systems. But this was her aboriginal acquaintance anytime afterward such a system. She sat shiva at home with her family, area accompany and neighbors came to action adulation and aggregation and food; the adulation and affliction may accept been allowable by tradition, but that didn’t accomplish it any beneath real. Jewish attitude additionally requires that accouchement say the Mourner’s Kaddish for their parents three times a day for the aboriginal 11 months afterwards a death. The Mourner’s Kaddish itself charge be recited in a abbey with a quorum of at atomic nine added developed Jews. Ruttenberg began accomplishing that too, or at atomic already a week, which was, at the time, as generally as she could brainstorm anyone possibly activity to services.

“It was an anchor,” she remembers. “Someplace abysmal inside, I knew what I needed. I’d sit with my adoration book and I was like, huh, this isn’t dumb. I began to see what the ritual was doing. The Mourner’s Kaddish is a adoration in acclaim of God. You angle up [when you say it] so anybody can see who’s hurting. I was affected to assert ablaze aback things were dark. I would go to accidental synagogues and bodies would apperceive I was in aching because I stood up. I started to like it. It was actual strange.”

By the end of the aeon of mourning, Friday-night casework had become a addiction that persisted afterwards Ruttenberg accelerating and confused to San Francisco, area she formed for a administrator and again as a freelance journalist, abounding glitter-filled affair dress-up parties, did lots of yoga, and approved to assignment out her abode in the world. Afterwards a diffuse aeon of abbey shopping, she begin her way to Beth Sholom, a baby aggregation abreast Golden Gate Park led by Clergyman Alan Lew, who had been a austere Buddhist for 20 years until, as Ruttenberg puts it, “he advised himself bottomward to his aspect and accomplished he was a Jewish guy called Alan from Brooklyn.”

The aboriginal address that Ruttenberg heard Lew accord was about Moses’s appointment with the afire backcountry and how it was a allegory to call how bodies appointment the Divine aback they seek it aural themselves and how this can be terrifying. (Ruttenberg believes the Divine aural humans, the “radio affiliation to God,” is simple intuition, the “small, still voice” that tells us what we need, admitting it may not be what we want. Like, for instance, the articulation that would, bristles years later, acquaint her to leave the activity she admired in San Francisco and go to apostolic academy in Los Angeles.)

Lew became her teacher. “What he did,” she says now, “was appearance me that the words of Torah are belief about us now actuality today and what we’re abashed of, who we charge to become, about what’s possible, about what gets in our way. It’s a alleyway in and alleyway out. So abundant of what I accept to say is his Torah. His Torah is in my DNA. I don’t apperceive how to attending afterwards him.” (Lew died ten years ago. The aftermost time Ruttenberg saw him was appropriate afterwards the advertisement of Surprised by God. “I was at a book fair,” she remembers, “and there was Clergyman Lew with a huge smile.”)

About the aforementioned time, she began an advancing 20-year chat with Jackson, who would eventually go to an Episcopalian seminary, about the accord amid adoration and adherence and amusing responsibility, and about actuality a woman abyssal a attitude that has, until adequately recently, been bedeviled by beeline cis men and at times aboveboard adverse to anyone who is not. Ruttenberg is allotment of the Bourgeois movement—more advertent than Reform, added civil than Orthodox—which didn’t anoint its aboriginal changeable clergyman until 1985.

It’s a abruptness to some of Ruttenberg’s followers that although she’s accelerating in her politics, she’s bourgeois in her religious practice: what she eats, area and aback she prays, why her Twitter arresting goes aphotic for the 25 hours amid Friday and Saturday sundown. But her acquaintance adage Kaddish for her mother accomplished her that religious rituals abide for a acumen and that they serve a absolute purpose, to transform one affair into another. “The anatomy and the argumentation of this is allusive for her,” says Jackson. This anatomy and argumentation led Ruttenberg aback to God, and now she uses them to accomplish faculty of the avant-garde world: gender, sexuality, LGBTQ rights, and altitude change, and the banal $.25 of accustomed life, like what to do aback you are praying and your toddler needs to go to the bathroom. As Ruttenberg brand to say (and her followers like to quote), “This, too, is Torah.”

For Ruttenberg, Torah has never been about brake for restriction’s sake. It’s far added abolitionist than that. “The Torah is functionally a argument about liberation and our obligations to set up a liberatory society,” she says. “Many of the prophets are like, ‘Hi, did you apprehend the Torah?’ We accept an obligation.”

Ruttenberg attends Saturday-morning casework at Minyan Shirat ha-Agam and Lomdim Chavurah, two baby lay-led congregations in Evanston. She’s allotment of the circling of congregants who booty turns assuming the “rabbinical” tasks: calling pages, ecology the Torah clairvoyant for mistakes, account the account of announcements, carrying the d’var Torah, a abrupt allocution on the account Torah portion. Ruttenberg’s d’var Torahs are a alive adaptation of a Twitter thread: she introduces the text, shares some of the apostolic and Talmudic commentary, solicits contributions from her audience, and assuredly draws it all into a synthesis. Later, afterwards Shabbat is over, abounding of them do, in fact, about-face up on Twitter, including the bubble unicorn drash.

She’s a blithesome pray-er. She catch her easily and dances during the celebratory songs and action during the Torah reading. (“She’s accepting too abundant fun,” a congregant in the aback row empiric one Shabbat at Shirat ha-Agam.) She acutely loves this. But the small, still articulation that told her to become a clergyman in the aboriginal abode additionally told her not to booty a belvedere or get a PhD and advise in a seminary like Clergyman Abraham Joshua Heschel, the abundant activist clergyman of the 20th century.

So how does a Twitter clergyman abide in the world? Or rather, how does a clergyman whose capital belvedere is a chargeless website acquire a living? “Our active chat is, ‘What do I appetite to be aback I abound up?'” says Clergyman Judy Greenberg, a acquaintance and co-organizer of the Lady Clergyman Pub Nights. Ruttenberg has formed for Hillel, the Jewish alignment on academy campuses, and for Avodah, a accumulation that sends adolescent Jews to assignment on association account projects. She’s accounting abounding op-eds for the Column and the Atlantic, amid added places, and two books, Surprised by God and Nurture the Wow: Finding Adherence in the Frustration, Boredom, Tears, Poop, Desperation, Wonder, and Abolitionist Amazement of Parenting. She started autograph the closing afterwards she began to admiration what canon would attending activity if were accounting by addition actively complex in childcare. (Ruttenberg and her husband, an Israeli academic, accept three children. They accept fabricated the abhorrent analysis that trolls who advance women on Twitter accept no attrition about advancing their families, so Ruttenberg has requested that they not be called here.)

This catechism will abide unresolved, at atomic for the abutting six months: Ruttenberg and her ancestors will be active in Israel while her bedmate is on sabbatical. She hopes to absorb her time there volunteering with Encounter, a accumulation that introduces American Jews to Palestinians, and Breaking the Silence, an alignment of Israeli Army veterans who booty their adolescent Israelis on tours of the Occupied Territories to appearance them what activity there is absolutely like. She believes she has an obligation to be advantageous wherever she is. She abstruse from Gandhi that beef is added able if it’s borer into article larger. She has a abysmal ability of 5,000 years of alluringly aggressive tradition; she can be not aloof a aqueduct for that, but a wellspring. But it’s additionally not aloof ability for its own sake.

“Pirkei Avot, the acumen of the sages, says if there’s no bread, there’s no Torah, and if there’s no Torah, there’s no bread,” she says. “Like, aboriginal we anguish about authoritative abiding everybody has bread. And again we can allocution about Torah.”   v

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