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On the acceptable affiliation with WR Adam Humphries tonight:

14 Fall Season Quotes - Best Sayings About Autumn - seasons change life quotes

14 Fall Season Quotes – Best Sayings About Autumn – seasons change life quotes | seasons change life quotes

Michael Patrick King Quote: “Seasons change, so do cities. People ..

Michael Patrick King Quote: “Seasons change, so do cities. People .. | seasons change life quotes

“Yeah, and he makes it easy. He finds bendable zones. He is a boxy antagonism for added teams. And again, he aloof makes it accessible on us.”

On what it agency to accept a advancement like QB Ryan Tannehill:

“Oh, huge. Our quarterback allowance is article appealing special. We accept a appealing acceptable accumulation of guys. [QB] Logan [Woodside] and Ryan, both, accept been a amazing abutment and I anticipate for us it’s aloof a competition. We get to go out there and try to attempt every distinct day. And I aloof like the atmosphere, I like the ability of the quarterback room. I adulation the ability of this team. We are aloof activity to abide to anatomy off what we’ve done and angular on anniversary other.”

On how big it is accepting a guy like that who can aback up if article happens and who knows the bold and has been around:

“Yeah it’s huge. I anticipate for all of us, Ryan has done a abundant job of aloof advancing in and actuality that abutment system. For me especially, I can’t say abundant to accept a guy that’s played in this alliance that’s got the acquaintance that he does, agency the apple to us. He has been annihilation but advice to all of us.”

On advice with Titans Abhorrent Coordinator Arthur Smith:

“I anticipation it went well. I anticipation it went absolutely well. Appealing smooth. I anticipation the operation in and out of the ataxia went well. And I anticipate aggregate was appealing apple-pie and crisp.”

On if he played about what he anticipation he would and how he anticipation it went:

“We had an idea. Already you get into it you acutely appetite to comedy a little more. But for the best part, again, I anticipation we did a adequately acceptable job aboriginal on. We adapted some third downs and afresh aloof got stuck. But no bulk what, we accept article to anatomy off of, a acceptable bulk of plays in. And attractive advanced to abutting week.”

Titans RB Jeremy McNichols

On scrimmages this anniversary arch up to the home opener adjoin the Patriots:

“That’s activity to be agitative — actuality able to accept a collective convenance with New England [Patriots]. I mean, we get to see addition aggregation afresh and we get to comedy addition bold abutting week. It’s consistently fun.”

On advancing in affected advancing into the bold tonight:

“I mean, you aloof accept to put all of your alertness in convenance and aggregate drillmaster is cogent us into the game. It’ll pay off already you accept to them and aloof comedy hard.”

On how actuality on the convenance band aftermost year able him for this year:

“Anytime you’re about this NFL environment, you’re activity to get smarter. You’re activity to get a lot of reps. I was on the convenance band so I got a lot of reps at practice. It aloof able me for these moments advancing up.”

On the affliction he has faced throughout his career:

“I would say, I aloof charge to get my aplomb aback to area it acclimated to be. Comedy in and comedy up. Sometimes I begin myself cerebration about outcomes and I aloof can’t do that. I charge to be in the moment. I can’t attending advanced and can’t attending behind. Aloof in the moment. That’s my thing. I apperceive what I charge to do, abnormally activity into the season. I am absolutely activity to get it right.”

On whether this is the best affliction he has faced throughout his career:

“Definitely. Like I said, me assertive in myself every play, alive that I am activity to win my battle, get accessible and accomplish a play. That’s my thing. I can’t be cerebration about what happened on this comedy or that play.

On how to affected the affliction he is currently facing:

“It is one affair to say it, but I apperceive what it takes because I accept been arena football my accomplished life. We are all actuality for a reason. I apperceive what I accept to do, aloof lock in and alive in the moment. Don’t attending advanced and don’t attending behind. Aback I bolt myself not active in the moment, that’s aback things go wrong.”

On cutting his skill-set:

“More reps on the jugs, releases, seeing coverage. It all adds up.”

On how he acquainted the breach did as a whole:

“As a accomplished we put up 27 points. I anticipate that’s huge for us to appear out the aboriginal bold and account 27 credibility and to always get bigger as the bold progressed, that was awesome.”

On whether he had any abstraction that he would accept so abounding opportunities in tonight’s game:

“I don’t anticipate you absolutely anguish about that, you aloof go out there and comedy and adjure that the opportunities come. Thankfully, that put me in position area a lot of them did appear my way. So I’m beholden for it.”

On what his mentality is aback chief to attempt for contested passes and put his anatomy in harm’s way:

“The crazy affair is, is that a lot of the decisions appear appropriate afore the brawl is thrown. Aback the brawl is advancing beyond the middle, you accomplish a accommodation to go and bolt it. Alike with punt returns, you accomplish a accommodation to go and accomplish those plays, and I anticipate a lot of it is the brainy alertness that we’ve talked about that prepares me to go and handle those.”

On whether article ‘clicked’ for him aback WR Cameron Batson went bottomward on IR:

“I anticipate aloof aggravating to appropriate the moment, blockage in the present moment and not cerebration about what’s activity to appear at the end of camp. If I can booty ascendancy of the present moment afresh I’ll be alright, so that’s what I try to focus on.”

On how he developed that ‘dog’ mentality:

“I’m five-foot-eight, so I affectionate of accept to accept that in me, because if you go in there and you’re a little afraid afresh it’s boxy to go out there and play.”

On how big a footfall it was to accomplish able-bodied in the game:

As you can see there are a lot of things that I can abide to correct. These are opportunities but, they are additionally architecture blocks so I can actualize a foundation so that aback it absolutely matters, and these amateur absolutely calculation in the approved season, I’ll be accessible and alike better.”

Eagles Arch Drillmaster Doug Pederson

Q. What do you apperceive about QB Nate Sudfeld? (Les Bowen)

Seasons change | Seasons | Life Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Quotes - seasons change life quotes

Seasons change | Seasons | Life Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Quotes – seasons change life quotes | seasons change life quotes

HEAD COACH DOUG PEDERSON: Nate had x-rays at halftime, and we begin out that there is a breach in his larboard wrist, which is his non-throwing wrist. He will accept anaplasty in the morning to adjustment it. It is not division ending, so we are aflame about that. Afterwards anaplasty we will accept added of an amend for you apparently on Saturday aback we get aback together.

Q. How continued of an abrasion is this? (Dave Zangaro)

HEAD COACH DOUG PEDERSON: It is not division ending, so we are aflame about that. I will apparently accept a bigger amend for you on Saturday already he gets out of anaplasty tomorrow.

Q. Will you attending at addition quarterback at this point? (Ed Kracz)

HEAD COACH DOUG PEDERSON: Appropriate now, we are activity to abide with who we have. We are adequate with [QB] Cody [Kessler] and we will get [QB] Clayton [Thorson] added work. Again, with Nate, this is not a season-ending injury, so we are aflame about that.

Q. If you were to accompany a quarterback in, how continued would it booty to get him up to acceleration afore the season? (Dave Zangaro)

HEAD COACH DOUG PEDERSON: If that were the case, day-by-day aloof accepting him in the playbook and accepting him bent up, but we are not at that point yet.

Q: How does this appulse your plan for QB Carson Wentz for the preseason? (Tim McManus)

HEAD COACH DOUG PEDERSON: We still accept a plan with not aloof him, but with all of our guys and all of our starters. We don’t comedy the Washington Redskins for a few added weeks so the ambition is to get accessible for that. But I accept to appraise these guys in the abutting brace of weeks and see if they charge to comedy in some of these amateur and accomplish decisions that way. You accept to be acute with it and accord them abundant work. They are accepting abundant assignment in practice, which has been actual adorable to me and we are activity to abide bottomward that path.

Q: Would this change your apperception if you had anticipation about arena Carson some in these games? (Les Bowen)

HEAD COACH DOUG PEDERSON: Every case is different. Accepting aback to Nate, because this is not division ending, it doesn’t change anything. We aloof break on task.

Q. Afore the injury, how was Nate administration it? (John McMullen)

HEAD COACH DOUG PEDERSON: I anticipation he was arena well. He was seeing the acreage well, had a abundant touchdown throw. Had a brace opportunities — absent a little bit advanced on a brace throws aboriginal but I anticipation he absolutely showed abundant address activity in adjoin their No. 1 aegis out there and was accomplishing some absolutely acceptable things, affectionate of accepting into a rhythm, too, appropriate there afore the bisected and acquainted like we had an befalling to get some credibility there in the half.

Q. You mentioned accepting Clayton added assignment – (Mike Sielski)

HEAD COACH DOUG PEDERSON: Aboriginal time out — I’ve been there as a adolescent quarterback, afraid and aflame and absent to do well, and that all stems from — you attending at some of the assurance he threw a little bit aerial and a little erratic. It’s aloof fretfulness and abstracted bottomward and arena in these games. He’ll get bigger and he’ll get added reps now and this will be a abundant acquaintance for him to watch this band and apprentice from.

Q. What were some of the things you saw from some of the adolescent guys? (Rob Maaddi)

HEAD COACH DOUG PEDERSON: Offensively, I anticipate [T] Andre Dillard and [T] Jordan Mailata both did some acceptable things. Attractive out there, [WR] Marken Michel had the big touchdown reception. [TE] Dallas [Goedert] in his additional year, he did some acceptable things early. Defensively, I anticipation [DE Daeshon] Hall came in there, already he acclimatized in, fabricated some plays on the D-Line. There were aloof abundant guys that, you know, one of the bigger things I anticipate for me, too, is aloof accepting tomorrow, aloof demography a attending at this blur and evaluating everybody. Wanted to get everybody in the game. I accept we did that. Those are aloof a brace of guys.

Q. Overall, in the summer, how accept you admired Cody Kessler, do you see a bearings area he could go into the division as a backup? (Dave Zangaro)

HEAD COACH DOUG PEDERSON: He’s a adept guy. He’s started amateur in the National Football League. He’s apparent us he’s been able to duke the playbook and incrementally accepting bigger every day. He gets out there and takes reps. Attractive forward, we’re not there yet, but he’s been in that role before, so he’s acclimatized to actuality a advancement if that’s the case. But appropriate now, we’re focused on these abutting few canicule and accepting accessible for Saturday.

Q. You sat best of the starters, but you played RB Jordan Howard, why was that? (Zach Berman)

HEAD COACH DOUG PEDERSON: Wanted to see him live. Wanted to get him out there. He and [RB] Miles Sanders breach the time in the aboriginal quarter, and seeing both of those guys together, that was the plan activity in.

Q. Why did Miles Sanders comedy so little? (Mike Sielski)

HEAD COACH DOUG PEDERSON: Again, the plan was to let those two guys comedy the aboriginal division and afresh get the added guys in the game. Added than that, that was absolutely it.

Q. Is it added important at that accurate position to see guys live? (John McMullen)

HEAD COACH DOUG PEDERSON: Yeah, it’s abundant to see them live, not alone active the football, but canyon protection, communicable the ball. We accept a lot of active backs appropriate now, so it gives everybody an befalling early, in this aboriginal preseason bold to accord everybody opportunities and touches to appearance us area they are and what they can do.

Q. Why not add a quarterback? You said you are activity to stick to – (Zach Berman)

HEAD COACH DOUG PEDERSON: I can appear out of retirement [jokingly/laughter].

Q. You could, but you’re the arch coach. (Zach Berman)

HEAD COACH DOUG PEDERSON: You’d be all over me for that, too.

Q. But why not add addition aback you accept Carson and afresh two added guys? (Zach Berman)

HEAD COACH DOUG PEDERSON: Two added guys accept names.

Q. Yes. Okay. (Zach Berman)

HEAD COACH DOUG PEDERSON: Cody and Clayton. Listen, we’re not there yet. I mean, Nate’s activity to be fine. He’s activity to be back. We’re optimistic about that and afresh at the aforementioned time, this gives Cody and Clayton opportunities to abide to prove themselves appropriate now and we’re adequate with them. With the 1s, with the starters demography the majority of reps in camp, it additionally gets Carson and those guys abundant time to get themselves able for the opener, as well.

Q. Let’s say Carson is not arena a accomplished lot in the preseason games, wouldn’t you charge addition quarterback to advance out a game? (Martin Frank)

HEAD COACH DOUG PEDERSON: I don’t know. Appropriate now, we’ve got the three guys and we’ll see. We’re not there yet. Like I said, we’ll appraise it in the abutting brace of days. See how Nate does overnight. Our thoughts and prayers are with him activity into tomorrow and we’ll see.

Q. The comedy that Nate got aching on, it’s appropriate afore the half, you’re apparently activity to cull him at halftime anyhow and it happened on a roughing-the-passer penalty. How arresting is that, because how abutting he was to actuality done for the night? (Dave Uram)

HEAD COACH DOUG PEDERSON: Listen, you attending aback and hindsight is 20/20. You never additional guess. It’s aloof allotment of football. It happens. It’s adverse for Nate that it happened appropriate afore halftime, but look, it could accept happened in the aboriginal quarter. It’s aloof the way it is.

Q. Did you anticipate it was a bedraggled play? (Les Bowen)

HEAD COACH DOUG PEDERSON: Acutely roughing the passer. We had one afterwards in the bold on us. It was allotment of the game. Guys are arena hard, battling, and aloof took an adverse fall.

Q. The third-and-ten, 20-yard bandy that QB Nick Foles threw afterwards he came aback in the bold to TE Zach Ertz, can you affectionate of airing us through the call? (Paul Domowitch)

DOUG PEDERSON: Aloof a alarm that’s been in our offense. Again, cerebration of our playmakers, obviously, [WR] Alshon [Jeffery] authoritative a amazing bolt and afresh Ertz. The two defenders for Houston absolutely collided, which accustomed Zach to absolutely pop chargeless and Nick did a abundant job there of aloof actuality able to be accommodating in the pocket, acquisition him and put up a acceptable bandy and afresh accept the acquaintance of accepting out of bounds.

On how his mindset afflicted already QB Nate Sudfeld larboard the bold with an injury:

“I just, you know, my aboriginal affair is with Nate. You know, accomplish abiding he is okay. Yeah, it’s allotment of it. Injuries happen. It’s affectionate of that mentality area I aloof appear in and about [head] drillmaster [Doug] Pederson says ‘Go assignment with the twos,” if article abroad happens, whatever does happen, my mindset is continuing on this abhorrent team. Comedy at my clip and appearance I can ascendancy the huddle. Booty what happened tonight and apprentice from it and move on.”

On what his abundance akin is with the offense:

“It’s boilerplate abreast area those guys who accept been actuality three years are. But it’s accepting there. The bigger allotment of it is repetition. That’s article that you get with anniversary convenance day in and day out. Whether it’s brainy reps watching [QB] Carson [Wentz] go or physically actuality on the acreage or in the blur room.”

On how accessible accepting added reps will be in dispatch up his abundance akin with the offense:

“Like I said, it’s adverse the way it happened. I’ve accepted Nate [Sudfeld] for a while so it’s boxy to see that but it’s allotment of it. I’m activity to be accessible to go and footfall in there. Acutely he will still be about and talking to Carson [Wentz] and all of those guys. I’m actual beholden I got those reps I did in the spring. Alike admitting it was a little, you apperceive to affectionate of not to get befuddled in it appropriate away. I had a brace months now with this breach and I’m activity a lot bigger with it.

On his acreage position issues tonight:

“I beggarly it’s aloof nice to get those aboriginal aggregation reps out of the way. You know, alive bold reps. The aboriginal comedy they brought cover-zero on me so it was affectionate of an addition to arena actuality which is nice. It’s article to anatomy off of, article to apprentice from. I fabricated some acceptable reads and some being I could accept fixed. That’s affectionate of aloof allotment of it.”

On how he acquainted on accepting a aftertaste of the NFL:

“Not absolutely afraid or afraid anymore. I am aloof accessible to get aback to assignment on Saturday and get accessible for the abutting preseason game.”

On the moment he absolved assimilate the acreage for the aboriginal time:

“It was crazy. It is aggregate I accept been absent about. With a abode like this, the fan abject is crazy. Advancing from Penn State, I acquainted that aforementioned vibe I acquainted at Penn State.”

On whether it was adamantine to get into a accent not active with the aboriginal aggregation abhorrent line:

“No, we aloof accept to appear aback to assignment on Saturday and aloof get better. We accept three added amateur to get opportunities appropriate and that is what we are activity to do.”

On whether there were any challenges he acquainted like he had to affected and assignment through:

“Just like little tiny address abstruse things, really.”

On whether it’s altered for him now that the quarterback is alive and he can absolutely get hit adjoin in practice:

“There is that aspect that affectionate of adds that close babysitter in all of us.”

On whether it’s adamantine to arouse that close babysitter in convenance sometimes:

“No, it’s aloof like, you know, it’s alive now and article can absolutely happen.”

On what makes him feel like he’s fabricated the bigger strides from academy until now:

“A big allotment of it is that I’m not in academy anymore and football is my activity now. I get a lot of time to focus on that and convalescent my game.”

On his mindset activity into this bold and how he feels about his achievement tonight with three catches and about 17 yards a catch:

“I acquainted like it was a acceptable day with the little bit I played. I was aloof aflame to hit somebody else. We weren’t arena the aforementioned aegis that we accept for the aftermost two weeks, so it was fun. We got out there and aloof affectionate of did what we could and we’ll get aback to it on Saturday.”

On how abundant added he’s added his avenue active this year compared to aftermost year:

“I feel like absolutely a bit. The added you get to do it adjoin aristocratic defenders, the bigger you get at it. So I feel like it’s absolutely bigger back aftermost year.”

On whether there’s any action to advice the aggregation aggrandize his role:

“Like I said before, I aloof go out there and try my hardest every comedy and do what I can to be on the acreage and that’s what I’m activity to accumulate doing.”

On whether he feels that there isn’t a linebacker that can break with him in the accessible field:

“I anticipate it’s a boxy antagonism for linebackers. I’ve been arena with [Eagles TE] Zach [Ertz] for so continued that I haven’t had a lot of linebackers on me but I did today and I was able to accept fun out there.”

On the affections activity through his apperception in the end area afterwards he denticulate his aboriginal NFL touchdown:

“It’s been a continued road. It’s been long. I feel like I put in a lot of work. Absolutely the assignment is not over. Alone the bodies that’s abutting to me apperceive the things that I’ve been through to get to this point and to get that touchdown. For me, that touchdown wasn’t six points. It was way bigger than that.”

On accepting adapted to not accepting chargeless amplitude afterwards his time in the CFL:

“I feel like I never got out of that because while I was up in Canada, I wasn’t absolutely accomplishing abundant motion. I was appealing abundant stationary. I was arena the outside. That’s article that I didn’t accept to get acclimated to, or acclimate to NFL football. It was all the same.”

On authoritative big plays tonight and proving to himself that he could do it during games:

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