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It took four months and a accomplished lot of challengers, but afterwards 19 weeks of accepting the Hot 100 beneath his thumb, the change has appear for Lil Nas X: Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy,” itself a nine-week No. 2 hit, has assuredly taken the top atom on the blueprint from his and Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Old Boondocks Road.” 

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The about-face comes this anniversary acknowledgment in allotment to a new vertical video and cassette distinct absolution for “Bad Guy,” which gives it aloof abundant of a bang in metrics to acceleration accomplished the biconcave “Old Boondocks Road.” But was it the song we were acquisitive to see assuredly put an end to Lil Nas X’s celebrated reign? And now that the band is (at atomic temporarily) over, how continued will it be until we see it topped? Billboard staffers agitation these questions and added below. 

1. Afterwards about an absolute summer of debating, “What’s the song that’s gonna assuredly beating off ‘Old Boondocks Road’?” we assuredly accept our answer. On a calibration from 1 to 10, how annoyed are you in “Bad Guy” actuality the new sheriff in town? 

Jason Lipshutz: I’d say a 7 — “Bad Guy” charcoal one of the bigger singles of 2019, and Billie Eilish added than deserves a No. 1 distinct based on the success she’s had this year. I’m additionally for any No. 1 distinct that’s hardly off-kilter in anatomy and about awe-inspiring in tone, which “Bad Guy” has in spades. It gets docked a few credibility for not activity like a beginning chart-topper, accepting been appear months ago, but still, acclaim to “Bad Guy” for ascent aloft its abiding runner-up status. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride? Not anymore!

Chris Payne: I’ll go with 9 — the aforementioned cardinal of weeks “Bad Guy” was ashore at No. 2 afore barter Lil Nas X. After “Old Boondocks Road,” the Billie Eilish abnormality feels destined to be the best constant brand of this year in music, so I’m animated she got the No. 1 to appearance for it. It’s a daring, weird-ass song that sounds clashing annihilation in Top 40 at the moment; we’re destined for years of Billie Eilish imitators, authoritative the “Bad Guy” No. 1 alike added deserved. 

Andrew Unterberger: 5. Abundant song, and a aces No. 1, but alarm me ancient (or maybe aloof weird) — I had gotten acclimated to the abstraction of “Bad Guy” as a No. 2. I like aback our best and brightest pop stars get their aboriginal No. 2, and afresh accept to absorb a brace years block that No. 1, as Taylor Swift, Drake, Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande all had to do afore accepting theirs. Not to say this is gonna aftereffect in Billie Eilish comatose on her laurels, but that aboriginal Hot 100-topper would’ve meant aloof a little bit added if it hadn’t appear so aboriginal in her run as a pop star. (Just ask Shawn Mendes if he assuredly gets his aboriginal with “Señorita” in the abutting few weeks.)

Taylor Weatherby: I’d say 9. Not abandoned was it the song that was abutting and abutting with “Old Boondocks Road” about all summer, but it’s a appealing alarming account for the new beachcomber of pop stars. It’s no abstruse that Billie Eilish is pop’s newest queen, so it’s appealing air-conditioned to see her top the Billboard Hot 100 anyway. But the actuality that it became No. 1 by animadversion off addition adolescent ablaze like Lil Nas X is a absolutely accurate allotment of history — abnormally because, in the amusing media age, they can about abject for anniversary added instead of be alveolate adjoin anniversary added (see Lil Nas X’s tweet yesterday). Frankly I would’ve said 10, but the Shawn Mendes stan in me was absolutely affairs for “Señorita” to be the victor.

Xander Zellner: About a 9. Billie Eilish has been awfully ascendant in 2019, and it’s abundant to see yet addition new artisan cleft their aboriginal No. 1 single. As we’ve affected on before, over his 19-week streak, Lil Nas X chock-full mega-stars Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Post Malone and Camila Cabello from hitting No. 1 — all of whom had ahead accomplished No. 1 with singles of their own — so accepting addition up-and-comer (the aboriginal built-in this century!) booty over the reigns from LNX feels altogether fitting, and axiomatic of a changing-of-the-guard moment in pop music.

2. “Bad Guy” debuted on the Hot 100 the aforementioned anniversary that “Old Boondocks Road” hit No. 1. What about the song do you anticipate gave it the affectionate of constancy to acquiesce it to adhere about the chart’s top bank for continued abundant to appropriate the top atom aback OTR assuredly started to lose its footing? 

Jason Lipshutz: “Bad Guy” possesses the blazon of layers that acknowledge themselves aloft many, abounding listens. The aboriginal few times I heard it, my focus remained on the de-facto active angle and the “duh” that precedes it; then, on the breakdown of the coda, which is a ablaze dehydration of the song’s capital tenets; and now, months later, I’m fatigued into the asthmatic verses, which are so melodically arresting that I acquisition myself accepting them ashore in my arch the most. In short, I’m still not ailing of “Bad Guy.” That blazon of multi-faceted address absolutely helps explain its arresting longevity.

Chris Payne: I’ll alpha with what didn’t give “Bad Guy” the longevity, because I acquisition that added telling. Remember aback Billie abandoned the Justin Bieber remix in what acquainted like an all-in, chips-to-the-center comedy for No. 1?  That was in aboriginal July, and “Old Boondocks Road” brushed it off easily. Instead, “Bad Guy” got to the top this anniversary abundantly off the blockage ability of the original. The cultural abnormality is about Billie’s accomplished persona — not aloof “Bad Guy” — and that ascent course additional her bigger distinct immensely. 

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Andrew Unterberger: Adaptability, maybe? “Bad Guy” had already accurate a appealing big aberration as a hit distinct by accompanying topping Billboard’s Pop Songs and Alternative Songs airplay listings — two archive that should about be adverse to one addition by analogue — while its aperture beating additionally gives it a affectionate of EDM energy, and its backward exhausted about-face turns it into a allurement banger. You ability accession some eyebrows slotting it into a country playlist, but otherwise, there’s not absolutely a architecture that couldn’t try to affirmation “Bad Guy” as its own, as music admirers of all stripes accept boring abstruse over this summer.

Taylor Weatherby: I feel like “Bad Guy” has been aloof as all-over as “Old Boondocks Road” has this summer — you can’t absolutely go anywhere afterwards audition it. If we’re accepting technical, the actuality that it has added than 700 actor streams on Spotify abandoned speaks to the aggregate of plays it was accepting on a account abject aback its Hot 100 debut, which additionally speaks to the ability of Billie’s about adolescent fan base. All of this has contributed to “Bad Guy” additionally topping the Pop Songs and Alternative Songs charts, which both advice its Hot 100 attitude as well. And let’s be honest, the additional Billie appear that Justin Bieber remix (and that amazing fan babe pic), there was no endlessly it.

Xander Zellner: The Justin Bieber remix absolutely helped accumulate it afloat afterwards on, but mostly I’d say it’s a attestation to the boldness of the song and her appearance a music. Billie’s complete is so altered from aggregate abroad in pop appropriate now, and it’s been a antecedent of allure amid listeners.

3. While “Bad Guy” becomes allotment of Billboard history by catastrophe a almanac band at No. 1, let’s additionally booty a moment to admit the history it aloof fails to accomplish — advancing one anniversary abroad from attached the almanac of weeks spent at No. 2 afterwards hitting No. 1, currently aggregate by Foreigner’s “Waiting For a Babe Like You” and Missy Elliott’s “Work It.” Which ability would you rather accept on your resume: spending one anniversary at No. 1 on the Hot 100 or spending ten weeks at No. 2? 

Jason Lipshutz: Give me the No. 1 song any day of the week. Accepting the longest run at No. 2 (or administration the runner-up almanac with a few others) is a air-conditioned bit of trivia and factoid accepted by chart-lovers the apple over, but accepting the top song in the country charge be an amazing feeling, a one-of-a-kind ability that has helped the Billboard archive abide for decades. If I’m an old man bouncing a grandchild on my knee, I appetite to acquaint them about the time I topped the chart, not the time I backward at No. 2 the longest bulk of any artisan ever. Imagine the blank-stare reaction!

Chris Payne: When I was a little kid, I aboriginal abstruse the abstraction of a Billboard No. 1 admitting my dad’s Billboard Book of No. 1 Hits, by Fred Bronson. For every No. 1 song, there was a abounding folio with a big photo and beat of the artist. Down in the bend of anniversary page, they mentioned what was No. 2 in tiny text, with no added details. About 18 altered pictures of Mariah, aloof footnotes for all that came up short.  Give me that abounding folio (or the awning angel of the YouTube video, the aboriginal access in the Instagram story, whatever) over actuality the acknowledgment to some catechism that anybody gets amiss at bar trivia anyway. 

Andrew Unterberger: Showing my Hot 100 action actuality again, but bear the 10 weeks at No. 2. There’s article adventurous about advancing so abutting so continued and never absolutely accepting there — it’ll never drive the account the way Lil Nas X’s celebrated run at No. 1 did, but it’s the actuality accurate chartwatcher abandonment is fabricated of. Plus, attending at that aggregation you’re keeping! Putting yourself in the club of the 1,000-plus songs to absorb a anniversary at No. 1 agency you’re accordingly abrading amateur with a brace anachronous duds, but you couldn’t ask for bigger neighbors in the history books than one of the best ability ballads of the ’80s and one of the best rap hits of the ’00s. 

Taylor Weatherby: One anniversary at No. 1. Obviously I’m not an artisan myself, but anticipation by how artists acknowledge to extensive No. 1 (on any chart, for that matter), it seems like one of the best allusive feats of their career. Sure, captivation any array of almanac is cool, but why be No. 2 aback you can be No. 1, am I right?

Xander Zellner: I mean, anybody has their own claimed degrees of competitiveness, but I would absolutely rather absorb one anniversary at No. 1 on the Hot 100. A No. 1 hit is still a No. 1 hit, no amount how abounding weeks it ruled, and no one can booty that away. No one wants a argent medal, abnormally one with distinction. The “No. 2” almanac feels a little dubious, no? Abnormally because Missy Elliott never got her adventitious to flash at No. 1 (“Work It” was blocked by Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”). Yes, the stakes are a little altered for Billie–this is her aboriginal above distinct and she’ll about absolutely acknowledgment to the top 10, and conceivably No. 1 afresh as her career progresses. But there’s no agnosticism that accepting a No. 1 distinct is above to peaking at No. 2.

4. The aftermost time a song besides “Old Boondocks Road” was No. 1 was the anniversary of April 6-12, 2019. What’s article that was accurate about the apple (or about your own life) aback afresh that feels a actor years abroad at this point? 

Jason Lipshutz: I feel like I saw Us in theaters — talking about the ending, agitation at Lupita N’yongo’s absurd articulation — about 80 years ago. The actuality that it was still activity able at the box appointment aback “Old Boondocks Road” aboriginal hit No. 1 is absolutely amazing to me.

Chris Payne: Thinking there was a solid 10% adventitious Woodstock 50 would absolutely happen. 

Andrew Unterberger: Man, aloof attending at this five-day acclimate anticipation from April 12 — annihilation but aerial 50s and low 60s temperatures to be found in the greater New York area. Was there absolutely anytime an era of acclimate so frigid in the bristles boroughs? Were buses accustomed on the roads? Did they accept to abolish school? 

Taylor Weatherby: That Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman academy admissions aspersion feels like it was at atomic a year ago, if not two. (Then again, I affectionate of chock-full advantageous absorption to what was happening, apparently because the Full House fan in me capital to accumulate Aunt Becky’s anamnesis sacred.) In my own life, April 6 was the day I spent with the Jonas Brothers for our awning story (shameless flex), which feels like it was years ago but additionally aloof bygone depending on the day. Honestly I still accept moments area I’m like “Wait, the Jonas Brothers absolutely are aback in 2019?”

Xander Zellner: I’m an ardent eyewitness of Game of Thrones, and the ability that the final (and, albeit, underwhelming) division had yet to activate aback “Old Boondocks Road” aboriginal hit No. 1 is staggering. That feels like a lifetime ago, right? Conceivably it was because the division was abandoned seven weeks long, but, wow, the chat about that appearance absolutely came to a arrest arrest afterwards the finale.

5. Let’s set the over-under for the new almanac 19-week band of “Old Boondocks Road” actuality burst in August 2034, 15 years from now. Which are you taking?

Jason Lipshutz: Oh, absolutely the under. Aloof attending at how two of the aftermost three summers birthed an best Hot 100 smash, in 2017’s “Despacito” and this year’s “Old Boondocks Road,” respectively. Granted, 20 weeks is an abundantly continued time to break in the top spot, but accustomed how alive has fabricated the ascendancy of the top 10 songs of the Hot 100 about added glacial, it’s activity to appear eventually than later. 

Chris Payne: Under. A few weeks ago, it seemed absolutely believable — conceivably acceptable — that “Old Boondocks Road” aberration would be abundant to backpack it accomplished 20. With the way alive allows one super-song to belfry over aggregate abroad these days, I’d bet on “Old Boondocks Road” accident its appellation aural that 15-year period. Maybe abundant sooner. 

Andrew Unterberger: I’ll say over. I anticipate due to its adjacency to “Despacito” a brace years ago, we may underrate just how amazing and aberrant the “Old Boondocks Road” run was, and aloof how big a aberration there is alike amid 16 weeks and 19 weeks at No. 1. There’ll be cultural phenoms this big afresh over the abutting 15 years, but not many, and maybe not any that both accept a faculty of business and pacing as ablaze as LIl Nas X’s, and a abridgement of cogent antagonism from any added delinquent hits in the meantime. 

Taylor Weatherby: I’m cerebration under. If alive keeps up its ascendancy — or hell, if there’s a new anatomy of music burning created in the abutting 15 years that takes over alive — I accept a activity we’ll see addition song authority at No. 1 for 20 weeks anon enough. As we saw with “Old Boondocks Road,” the aggregate of alive and amusing media is crazily powerful, and I abandoned see those two things impacting how songs accomplish on archive like the Hot 100 alike added in advancing years. And article tells me Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men are already acute on how to booty their Hot 100 almanac back…

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