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Editor’s Note: Pond Apple was stationed pool-side for the absolute anniversary of men’s and women’s baptize polo antagonism at the 2019 Pan American Games.

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High Life (14) – IMDb – short quotes about high life | short quotes about high life

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[2019 Pan American Round-Up: Krikorian Steffens on Baptize Polo in the Southern Hemisphere]

Key to acumen this abeyant is added investment; not aloof from corresponding countries governments and sports federations but from the Americans, who acutely accept the best assets accessible to beforehand the activity in North and South America.

Following are baddest quotes, with altered background, from participants at the Pan Ams. These comments accommodate abyss to a clash that was absolutely significant—the American men and the Canadian women both able for the 2020 Olympics—and additionally some bounded acidity in the absence of any televised action.


Rodriguez is currently the arch drillmaster for West Valley Academy in Saratoga, CA. WVC is a agriculturalist for DI, DII and DIII programs, and Rodriguez has an absorbing resume of experience. Formerly a co-head drillmaster at Division I assertive Pepperdine (2012-13) as able-bodied as arch drillmaster at La Verne Academy (2014-17), Rodriguez served as an abettor men’s and women’s baptize polo drillmaster at USC from 2010-12 during which the Trojans claimed two civic championships.

As a amateur at Pepperdine (2001-02) Rodriguez was key contributor on a aggregation that aggregate an all-embracing almanac of a 30-16 and accomplished 2002 ranked third in the civic polls.

– You’ve accomplished abundantly in America:

I’ve been in the U.S. aback 1997 and I’ve been about the academy ranks: Pepperdine, USC. Now I’m at West Valley Community College. So I’m actual accustomed with a lot of the apprenticeship agents [for the U.S. Men’s Civic Team] and some of the players as well.

– How do Puerto Rican polo athletes get better?

I try to advice afresh acquisition opportunities, mostly in [American] colleges. As a amount of fact, their captain [Jesse Smith] was a assistant of abundance at Pepperdine aback in 2000. Aggravating to accessible those doors will activate this bold and the island.

As it stands right, the United States is the best able country in the hemisphere, aback it comes to baptize polo. It’s absolutely acceptable for these youngsters to see what the best looks like, so that way they can admeasurement themselves adjoin them, and amount out what they charge to do to one day maybe bolt up.

– How can Americans advice abound baptize polo on the island?

Again, it has to do with exposure. We were actual advantageous that I’ve been in the states for over 20 years. We’ve brought the Puerto Rican aggregation [over] and accomplished with some of the best acknowledged coaches—we’ve played Stanford, Cal, San Jose State.

As these youngsters get apparent to those kinds of schools, it fires that dream of aggravating to accomplish it big and activity to California to attempt adjoin some of the best the U.S. has to offer.

– Felix Mercado, the Brown coach, is from Puerto Rico.

Felix Mercado, Carlos Steffens, who is the ancestor of Maggie Steffens, the American women’s captain—all those access help.

I anticipate education’s the better one because a lot of these youngsters, they appear out and they can break on the island, area baptize polo’s not actual competitive, or accompany baptize polo in California and at the aforementioned time get a world-class education.

That will advice a lot.


Wolf has enjoyed success at every akin of athletics; he was three-time CIF best while advancing for Huntington Beach Aerial School boys volleyball (the aggregation absent one bout in four years, accumulation a 104-match acceptable streak); he’s won a civic championship with UCLA in 2017. And now, barring injury, Wolf is activity to the Olympics.

[On Deck With UCLA Baptize Polo’s Alex Wolf]

After a semifinal win adjoin Argentina, the somewhat bashful Wolf batten about his dreams as a player, and how he’s consistently pursued this goal. In the bout adjoin Canada, he had 13 saves and a brace of advancing steals.

–  This wasn’t aloof addition baptize polo match; you accomplished your bold plan flawlessly.

Lot of excitement, a lot of emotion, aggregation was able to assassinate on the bold plan.

As we saw in the antecedent bold adjoin them, they were in a actual abysmal zone. We attacked that actual able-bodied this bold and affected them to change their aegis in the additional half. Afresh we connected to beforehand the columnist they concluded up running.

– You were actual advancing on defense, abnormally with a big abduct on Nicolas Constantin-Bicari, the Canadian captain.

It’s consistently easier to stop the attempt afresh block it in those situations.

– Your dream of arena in the Olympics.

I anticipate it’s arrogant to say I accepted it, but it’s a ambition I set and I’ve done aggregate to get there. Those dreams are advancing to absoluteness through adamantine work, charge and dedication.

–  You’ve enjoyed a lot of able-bodied success.

I’ve been advantageous abundant to be on abundant teams [with] abundant coaches. The USA Baptize Polo arrangement I’ve been able to be allotment of the civic aggregation development [squad] for I don’t apperceive how long. It’s abundantly helped my development as a player.

In agreement of lots of success, my drillmaster at UCLA, Adam Wright—he’s not a goalie—so he’s not apprenticeship me on the mechanics, but he’s done a lot to advice me beforehand the mindset to be successful. The process—everyone talks about that action and to be a apprentice of the game. He absolutely preaches that and that’s why he’s done a abundant job at UCLA, which I’ve been advantageous to be a allotment of.


Bowen, a Stanford graduate, is refreshingly accessible about his comedy and his emotions. He absolutely loves polo; afterwards allowance Aggregation USA to authorize for the 2020 Tokyo Games, which will be his additional Olympic Games, he’ll blow up for two weeks afore traveling afterwards this ages to Barcelona to accompany CN Sabadell, a able team.

After tallying bristles goals in the Pan Am final adjoin Canada, Bowen batten about his elation—especially in ablaze of the night club tragedy during the 2019 FINA Apple Aquatics Championships in Gwangju, South Korea, area two bodies were dead and a cardinal of athletes were injured.

[Update: USA Water-Polo’s Kaleigh Gilchrist Afflicted As Night-Club Building Collapses In Gwangju, 2 Dead, 14 Injured]

– This is not a new activity for you but it charge be a acceptable feeling.

Oh, it’s amazing. Afterwards all that’s happened this summer, after—frankly—a black apple championships; we concluded up on a acceptable agenda but it was still disappointing.

With what happened afterwards—I was on the attic with Johnny [Hooper] and Ben [Hallock]—after all that happened it brought our aggregation so abutting together. That aboriginal bisected was a attestation to how abutting we were, to action the accomplished way through.

– Baptize polo appears to this eyewitness to be an affecting and bookish activity added so than a concrete one.

Oh, yeah. You’ve got to accumulate that brainy accord alike aback you’re accepting exhausted up, essentially. While you’re accepting punched and kicked and drowned, you’ve got to be able to accumulate calm and let what happens, happen.

– That’s the adventure of this game; the Canadians absent their composure.

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Hillary Clinton Quote: “Life is too short, time is too precious, and .. | short quotes about high life

Especially in that affectionate of bearings we accept to comedy absolutely clean—show our hands, accomplish abiding we don’t get bent with them bottomward to draw ejections.

Really, aloof absolution it happen, pond out to the box, don’t accord them a adventitious to get aback in the game.

– You were ablaze with the man-advantage; you had twelve goals on the adeptness play.

There’s absolutely no added way to say it: we played absolutely able-bodied and I admired it.


A accurate gentleman—and absolutely affable to allege with—Porzio knew his aggregation had absent a big befalling adjoin the Americans. But he additionally knew his adolescent aggregation was not absolutely up to the challenge… yet. 

As of now, Canada has committed to traveling for the Olympic Accomplishment Clash abutting March in Europe. This represents a difficult aisle to Tokyo but not aberrant for the Canadians; in 2008 they exhausted Romania 9-8 to beforehand to the semifinals, thereby condoning for Beijing.

I told you that they are stronger than us—maybe we absorb a lot of activity in the aftermost two games. I knew they were a little bit stronger than us this moment, but I hoped we could break abutting the aboriginal two periods. In the aboriginal three account they got three goals and afresh had no activity or confidence.

I knew this is a adolescent aggregation and that’s not easy. We had a big adventitious today.

In the end, I adopt this tournament. We had a acceptable result—silver medal.

– What’s abutting for your team?

We accept addition adventitious at the end of March for authorize for the Olympic Games.We will try to do our best there, too. Maybe it’s adamantine actuality because we will accommodated a aggregation like Hungary, Croatia, Greece and a boxy German team.

It will be not accessible for us.


D’Souza does not abridgement confidence, and his cutting adeptness and drive accomplish the 20-year-old an ideal face of a Canadian men’s affairs still in chase of its aboriginal Olympic anchorage aback the Beijing Amateur in 2008. As he advanced said, his dreams for 2020 are grand; that they did not appear accurate in Lima does not beggarly that his hopes are dashed.

[Tokyo Bound! Decisive Win Over Canada in Pan Am Baptize Polo Final Gives USA Men Gold, 2020 Olympics Berth]

– Your aggregation seemed extemporaneous for the American onslaught.

The bent us on our aback foot. We didn’t alpha the way we capital [to]. The U.S. has some veterans and they put the bold abroad early. There was no advancing aback afterwards that.

It’s the sport; sometimes things don’t go your way.

If there’s one affair I can be blessed about, I can say we were aggravating to comedy to the end of the game.

The U.S. played a actual acceptable bold today.

– The U.S. was baleful with the man advantage (12 of 19). Was there article they did that you were not able for?

I wouldn’t say it’s unexpected. We knew that they were an advancing aggregation and they did a acceptable job of putting the brawl abroad today. They got the opportunities, they capitalized on them, and put us abroad early.

– You about are actual adequate cutting the brawl but you took one attempt in the aboriginal half.

I pride myself on actuality aggressive, and I apperceive aback I’m not aggressive. Today wasn’t one of those times. I was attractive for the appropriate chances.

I additionally accede myself a playmaker. I attending for our best opportunity. On the added man I capital to betrayal the U.S. aegis because I’ve advised what they do. We were attractive to acquisition the column today but the affairs aloof weren’t there.

– Was adverse Brazil in the semifinals a agency in how your aggregation played adjoin the U.S. in the finals?

We played a actual acceptable Brazilian team. Yesterday was a acceptable game. [The Brazilians] are gritty, aloof like the Americans.

In a clash [like this] things alpha to add up, fatigue comes through. But we’re a fit team. Regardless of what you’ll say about the score, we swam. We got up and bottomward and accept some guys logging over 26 account a bold in six amateur over seven days.

We accept a actual adolescent accumulation and we’re attractive to capitalize [on that]. We appetite to accumulate this accumulation together. We anticipate we can do big things in the future.

– What’s abutting for you and your Canadian teammates?

I appetite to comedy baptize polo; that’s what I appetite to do for a bit. I accept all the time in the apple to do what I appetite to do, and I’m set with my goals.

We accept a lot of guys who accept their priorities straight. We apperceive what we appetite as a aggregation and as individuals. We’re acquisitive it will all appear calm at the appropriate time.

We’re consistently attractive ahead. This was a boxy accident today but we’re a adolescent accumulation and we’ll break together. We’re gonna see what we can do in March [at the Olympic accomplishment tournament].


As may be accustomed to U.S. NCAA men’s tournaments—where one of the four semifinalists is generally anemic and so the additional and third abode teams tend to annihilate anniversary other—the top three at Pan Ams were sorted in such a way that the Americans drew Argentina in one semifinal with Canada and Brazil adverse off in the other.

[On The Almanac with Ricardo Azevedo, Former US Arch Coach, Now Advising Brazilian Baptize Polo]

Azevedo, who bristles weeks ago took the apprenticeship reigns for the Brazil’s men afterwards actuality the arch aerial achievement administrator for the Brazilian baptize polo federation, is as accomplished as any drillmaster in the hemisphere. That his aggregation came up abbreviate in a bout they rallied to booty a backward advance was disappointing, but afterwards Azevedo batten bluntly about the result.

– Your thoughts about the match.

It was a abundant game. Canada started absolutely well. Their accoutrements were alive and they played with a lot of confidence. I anticipation our guys were acceptable not to aloof cycle over and die. Instead, we captivated them for a continued time. It was 3-1 for absolutely a while, about to the end of the additional quarter.

We chipped it away, got to 4-4. It was acceptable baptize polo both ways, both teams arena with a lot of desire—obviously we both admired to go forward.

These are the affectionate of amateur nobody’s anytime blessed losing.

As a coach, seeing these guys for 40 days, I anticipation we did appealing abuse good. Our aegis was solid, we were authoritative situations. We did accomplish three aloft mistakes and gave up a attempt from center, which we usually never do.

At the end, I anticipation the 6 on 5 was perfect, the comedy was great, we got the exclusion, but it was too inclement on the play. It has to be added fluid, you gotta cycle the brawl around, and if it comes to your duke you gotta shoot it.

[On The Almanac with Slobodan Soro, Brazil Men’s Baptize Polo Goalie]

You can’t anticipate about it—which he did, and put a little bit of added backbone and it was too powerful.

These are things that adolescent players do, and that’s why they alarm it sport.

– You dictated the bold that you wanted; low-scoring, arresting struggle, you had a advance in the closing minutes, and Constantin-Bicari beats your aggregation with a attempt in front.

He’s one of the best centers in the world. We approved to abjure him as abundant we could, and we slowed him down—nobody’s gonna stop him.

After we went advanced with 2:22 larboard we had an befalling [on offense] our amateur collection central [and didn’t get a call]. That Canada not alone angry it up but 46 abnormal afterwards took the advance shows a lot of fortitude, strength—and additionally shows a lot of account to Pino, [Canadian coach].

We got the exclusion, could accept done the aforementioned but today it went Canada’s way. Ours’s will be addition time.


Besides who would win gold on the men’s side—and exhausted up an Olympic berth—the added artifice band complex who

– Despite a absent to the USA, Canada’s women’s baptize polo aggregation is activity to the Olympics for the aboriginal time in about two decades.

Today is the alpha of a adventure for us—and it starts with a acceptable bang on the face.

Their game-speed is aloft par—it’s aloft everyone’s—and they showed that today.

– As you attending at the Olympic dart over the abutting 10 months, what will you booty abroad from your Pan Am experience?

It’s not alone actuality in Peru it’s Apple Championships and Apple League Super Finals. We haven’t spent abundant time calm the aftermost few years, we don’t accept the affluence of the U.S. affairs that’s been the aforementioned for the accomplished decade.

We accept a decade to bolt up with them, but we go step-by-step. We started by convalescent our breach and our counter-attack—which was acceptable here. Alike in this aftermost bold I wasn’t displeased—great arresting skills, abundant goaltending—Ashleigh [Johnson] came in with a abundant bold today.

– Will your academy players red-shirt in bounce 2020?

We appetite to absorb the accomplished abutting year together. We appetite to accomplish abiding that we’re in the best position accessible to badge at the Olympics. That starts by actuality together, which we haven’t done in the accomplished two years.

If we appetite to arch to the Olympics for the best achievement possible, we charge to alpha that as anon as accessible and we’re starting that in September.


Alogbo is adumbrative of a decades-long accomplishment by Canada to acknowledgment to the Olympics. A adept of four Pan American games—all argent finishes—she is the longest tenured amateur on arch drillmaster David Paradelo’s roster. She aloof absent out on her country’s aftermost Olympics—the Canadian women accomplished seventh at the Athens Amateur in 2004.

Now, she’s on the bend of actuality an Olympian; her aggregation able for the Tokyo Amateur by advantage of condoning for the Pan American final with the already-booked USA women.

– Your drillmaster told me that you’ve been disturbing for this befalling for absolutely some time

Struggling is a big word. It’s commitment. It’s true, it feels like a attempt sometimes. It feels like it’s adamantine to get up sometimes and accumulate activity for addition four years, and accumulate pushing, and accumulate believing.

[Golden Again! USA Women Win Fifth Beeline Pan American Baptize Polo Title at 2019 Amateur in Peru]

Once you alpha attractive at it differently, already you alpha seeing it as article you’re committed to, no amount what, it’s activity to be every game, how you appetite to end it as your career, I anticipate things become clearer, and it becomes accessible and it becomes beneath all on that. You alpha believing, you alpha seeing added things, there’s new bodies advancing in, you apprentice how to access the abutting footfall to get to the Olympics.

This accomplishment is what helped me and my teammates to get to area we are.

As a team, you get afraid for that big moment—but every moment’s that big moment. Already you assay [that] you get comfortable, you don’t abhorrence what’s to come.

– Though, accustomed their cutting success, it’s apparently accustomed to fear, backbiting or animosity the U.S.

It’s consistently adamantine to face the U.S. It’s not aloof that they are one of the best teams in the world—they are the best team–it’s added of: how do we exhausted them arena our game? Our better affair is assertive that we could comedy our bold and exhausted them. Sometimes we belittle that.

[USA Women Beforehand to Fifth-Straight Pan American Baptize Polo Final, But Canada is Big Winner]

As anon as we see article altered or not in our favor we focus on that and lose clue of [everything else]. In this bold it was all on us. We accept to stick to our bold plan—how we did from the alpha of this tournament, how we accomplishment off apple championships.

If we brought that attitude, that mentality, that absorption we would accept gave them a acceptable game.

It’s a continued road. [The Olympics] are a year from now. Teams like Holland, Italy accept accustomed them one-, two-goal games. We additionally gave one-, two-goal amateur to Italy and Holland.

When you attending at it on paper, the achievability is there… [but] you charge aggregate in your favor to accomplish that goal


Chamorro has a absurd full-blooded in polo; a backstab NCAA best with USC (2016, 2018), she was an Olympian with Brazil in 2016, apery her country. Now active in Germany, Chamorro bidding affliction that her adolescent teammates artlessly did not accept abundant acquaintance to stop a accomplished Canadian ancillary that had aloof spent a anniversary adverse the world’s best teams at the FINA Apple Championships.

– Your aggregation is on the alfresco attractive in.

Congratulations to Canada. They formed adamantine [and] they becoming their bid but it’s tough. I absolutely capital that ticked to the Olympics again. It absolutely hurts to lose. What hurts the best to me is the way we lost.

We accept to abstract it, focus on tomorrow. It’s boxy to see that befalling blooper away. It absolutely hurts to lose but it hurts the best the way we lost.

– There was abundant alterity in adeptness actuality at the Pan Ams—how did that affect your alertness adjoin the Canadians?

They appear from arena in the Apple Championships; we got calm in the alpha of July and are training every day for a brace of weeks. We accept girls that accept never played at this akin before, girls who never came out for the chief civic team.

So, it’s appealing boxy to attempt with the Canadians. We approved our best, but we accept a drillmaster who has been with this aggregation for two years but has been abroad from women’s baptize polo and this akin of competition. It’s an adjustment for him as well.

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